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10 Household Items That Can Be Used As Life Saver During Survival Situations

Posted 02/01/2015 1:59 pm by

10 itemsThere is no denying that the internet today is filled with articles and blogs about ‘the basic stuff we need to bring in our bug out bag…’ or ‘the bare essentials for survival…’ and the likes. And most of the time, the things being mentioned in these posts appear over and over and over again as if we’re not yet fed up of reading this overload of information. So instead of writing another guide about the usual suspects, I decided to share about the other things which can be equally useful in times of disasters and emergencies. Stick around as we are going to give a rundown of the 10 household items which can used as life saver during survival situations and probably leave some space for them to be included in your bug-out bags.

  1. Sanitary napkins
  • Conventional use: These things are often used by women during their menstrual visit. Sanitary napkins are usually made to absorb huge amount of menstrual fluids and are always sterilized to avoid the genitals from being infected.
  • Survival use: This household item can be used as padding for treating wound injuries in the field. Simply patch the napkin like you do with a gauze bandage and it will protect the wound from getting infected.
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