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DIY: Hidden Under Bed Gun Storage Drawer

Posted 02/01/2015 2:04 pm by

Look, if I had the cheddar I’d go for a super sweet under bed gun storage unit.  Maybe the $700 system offered at the Glock Store or the $6k safe offeredelsewhere.  The reality of the situation is that I feel the need to have some firepower close (other than my main safe) as you never know what could happen.  Just take a look at this article I recently posted where a home owner exchanged gunfire with multiple bad guys inside his home.  No time to run to the basement to grab a rifle and a few mags.  0100, door kicked in, you got what you got.

I needed a way to keep my guns close while in bed without dropping some serious coin.  The idea of storing them in the bedroom closet never sat well with me so I got to thinking.  Maybe I could make my own drawer which slid out from under my bed?  It couldn’t be hard, after all it’s just a box which pulls out and gives one access to the home defense arsenal.  With that in mind I set about sketching out some plans.

Hidden Gun Storage Plan

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