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Five Self-Defense Tricks That Could Save Your Life

Posted 02/24/2015 8:41 pm by with 0 comments

No one plans on being attacked in the course of their daily routine but the reality is that danger could find you anywhere and at any time. When you find yourself in a precarious situation, do you know how to defend yourself?


It is best to know ahead of time how to fight back, especially when violence is unavoidable and you are not able to defuse the situation or get away. Here are some self-defense tricks that might save your life one day:


Get Loud and Fight Back – When an unknown person rushes towards you as if to attack, shouting “Back off!” and move towards that attacker, not away. The person attacking might not be suspecting you to fight back so this could give you time to attack first. It might also surprise the attacker and alert others that you are in need of help.


Use Anything Can Be Used as a Weapon – Just like in any survival situation, you can use anything you have on you, a purse, keys, hairspray, dirt, etc., to ward off an attacker. The absence of a gun, knife, or pepper spray does not mean you are without assistance. Anything in the immediate environment could be used as a weapon, and it might be helpful to briefly survey what is around you where you go in case of an attack.



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