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10 Items to Keep in Your Car or Truck for Emergencies

Posted 03/18/2015 6:40 pm by



Many of us take extra steps to equip our vehicles for roadside emergencies during winter, but vehicle breakdowns and emergency situations can happen any time of the year. If you neglected to outfit your ride with essential survival gear over the winter, quit tempting fate and add the following supplies ASAP.

1. Phone charger
What a shame it would be to not be able to make a call for help because your cell phone battery is dead. In addition to a charger that plugs into the 12V power supply, carry one that runs on AA batteries, a portable power bank, or even a small solar panel, too.

2. Water
Safe drinking water is a critical item in your vehicle in any climate or season, but stock up with extra if you plan to drive through an arid region. If you have the room, a minimum of three gallons is ideal to cover both thirsty people and low engine coolant.

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