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BPA Still Widespread in Canned Foods

Posted 06/04/2015 10:37 am by

Before you reach for canned foods, you should know what’s really inside of them

For more than a decade, you’ve been hearing about the dangers of the hormone-disrupting chemical bisphenol A (BPA), found in everything from receipts to the lining of food cans. The chemical has been removed for the most part from baby bottles and water bottles, thanks to pressure (and pocketbook voting) from consumers.


But according to a new report from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), only 31 out of 252 brands the group examined have eliminated BPA from their food cans entirely. Take a look at them here:


Experts from the EWG spent eight months contacting companies, hunting down publicly available information, and following up with brand representatives to assess whether or not the brands used BPA to line their food cans. The project was part of the research conducted for the EWG’s Food Scores database.

Thirty-four brands had transitioned some, but not all, of their food options to BPA-free cans. More than 100 of the brands fell into the “unclear” category. “There’s a lot of ambiguity in what companies say, and we really had to dig to figure out what was really going on,” Renée Sharp, head of research for the EWG, tells Yahoo Health. “We did a lot of work — a lot of work the consumer won’t have to do — and it’s still a confusing landscape.”

Brands that were classified as “unclear” were those that didn’t confirm or clearly communicate whether or not they used BPA in their cans, says EWG database analyst Samara Geller. They include Walmart’s Great Value brand, Ortega, and Kroger.

“It’s a really broad category of companies, by far the largest group of brands we categorized in our analysis,” Geller tells Yahoo Health. “We had to read between the lines.” Some brands told researchers, for example, that they were researching BPA substitutes or conducting testing or that their suppliers were working on it.

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