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BOOGA BOOGA! Panetta: ISIS Intends to Attack Our Homeland — ‘Make No Mistake About It’

Posted 06/11/2015 1:08 pm by

“This is about a threat to our national security”


Wednesday on PBS’ “NewsHour,” former Secretary of Defense and CIA Director Leon Panetta said if ISIS is left to maintain a base of operation in Iraq they will turn their attention to attacking America next.


When host Judy Woodruff asked, “Why shouldn’t Americans be concerned that if the Iraqis don’t have the will to fight, why should more U.S. trainers make a difference?”


Panetta said, “This isn’t just about Iraq. This is about a threat to our national security. If ISIS is allowed to have a base of operations in Iraq, make no mistake about it, their intentions are to use that as a base of attacking our country and attacking our homeland. That’s why we’ve got to push the Iraqis to make sure that the Sunnis do engage and that they are armed and that the Kurds do the same.”

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