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How To Grow A Garden In A Drought

Posted 06/11/2015 11:58 am by


By Susan Patterson Off The Grid News


Gardening in drought-prone areas is always a challenge, for one obvious reason: Plants, like people, can’t survive without water.


But the good news is we can manage to grow a productive dry weather garden with a bit of planning and innovation by taking a few lessons from nature. After all, nature has not left even the high deserts completely barren, and we find a unique array of vegetation surviving even here in the harshest of conditions.


Protection from wind and scorching sun


We know from our own experience that wind is highly dehydrating. The rate of transpiration – plants losing water through the tiny pores on their leaves – increases in windy conditions. Wind also replaces the moisture-laden air around the plants with dry air.


Sunlight provides the energy plants need for making their food, but it also can scorch their leaves, especially when they don’t have the protection of an envelope of moisture-rich air around them.


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