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Debris Hut – From Basic to Advanced

Posted 06/25/2015 1:39 pm by

 Debris hut If you have been studying up on prepping and survival, I am sure you have come across the term “debris hut” by now. Debris huts come in all shapes, sizes, and styles depending on the particularities of the person building them.

When all is said and done the goal of the debris hut is to keep you warm and dry.

The debris you use is whatever material you can scrape up in your local environment. Grasses, leaves, pine needles, and general litter from the forest floor (including dirt and small rocks) can be used. It is best if you can gather long grasses to put a final layer on top to help shed water.

Basic Debris Hut

The debris hut at its most basic is simply a pile of whatever dry material you can scrounge up. The pile must be big enough for you to burrow inside and be insulated, not only from the weather but also from the ground beneath you.

Think about that really big pile of leaves you made as a kid. This is the idea. If you have readily available material, it will be one of the quickest shelters you can literally scrape together.

A Better Option

If you have the time, a more substantial debris hut can be constructed. A simple lean-to or small A-frame is constructed and covered with small sticks. Then the debris you gather is piled on top to form the (hopefully) waterproof cap. If it leaks add more material.

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