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Video: Liberal Harasses Open Carry Supporter (LANGUAGE)

Posted 07/08/2015 4:53 pm by

Hopping mad liberal attempts to shame open carry advocate defending constitutional rights.


Last month, an intransigent liberal filmed himself outside of the St. Louis Zoo berating a man who was open carrying a pistol.



The St. Louis area man open carrying, Brian Lewis, stood his ground and defended his constitutional rights while the man filming, Richard Johnson, proceeded to call him names and spout liberal anti-gun talking points.


As Johnson filmed, several more men with holsters exited the zoo, whom he also referred to as “pussies.”


Johnson continued filming, saying doing so would embolden other people across the country to also confront open carry supporters.


“I’m just gonna be here all day in your face and that’s what more of us are gonna do,” Johnson says. “We’re gonna stand here, and we’re gonna stand up and we’re gonna say, ‘No.’”


The video’s numerous downvotes indicate more people appear support Lewis’ stance on open carry than Johnson.


Open carry in Missouri is legal with a permit.

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