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How To Escape From A Sinking Car

Posted 09/17/2015 2:11 pm by


While the odds of you being in this situation are statistically low, if you do happen to be in a car that is sinking into the water (car accident off the road into a body of water – or over a bridge into the water), this is how you get out…

Do Not Panic! While this is easier said than done, remaining out of the panic zone will enable you to think more clearly to remember how to get out of the sinking car.


IMMEDIATELY OPEN YOUR WINDOW, or as soon as you can after you hit the water. Your best chance to get out of a sinking car will be through the window because the door will be very difficult to open due to the water pressure against the door, even if the car is somewhat floating


If the car is floating, get out through the window as fast as you can. If the water is rushing in, don’t panic. You won’t be able to get out through the window while the water is rushing in, however, you may still have air until the car fills up. Just wait for it… as soon as the car fills with water, you will be able to easily swim out.

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