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How to Prep for Emergency Thinking

Posted 01/09/2016 12:25 pm by

How to Prep for Emergency Thinking

The prefrontal cortex is used in system 2 thinking.

System 1 Vs. System 2 Thinking

System 1 is reflex thinking. System 2 requires you to put on your thinking cap.

  • System 1 thinking happens in the limbic system—the same part of your brain that has a lot to do with emotions, memory and hunger. System 1 thinking involves things you do automatically, such as getting in a car, putting in a key, and turning on the motor. I expect many times, looking back, you don’t even remember taking the steps you took when you do this. It just happens.
  • System 2 thinking takes place in the prefrontal cortex. With this type of thinking, you take more time, mull possibilities, come up with solutions. So, maybe if the car doesn’t start, your system 2 goes into action and you try to figure out why. You jiggle the key, make sure the steering is locked. Check the battery light, check the gas gauge, or wonder if it’s the transmission.

Although system 1 thinking has many advantages at the start of emergencies, it’s not perfect. For instance, you may be convinced so strongly you know what’s going on that you neglect looking for other possibilities.


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