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National Shooting Sports Foundation head warns of 2nd Amendment’s ‘false friends and false promises’

Posted 01/22/2016 7:26 pm by


National Shooting Sports Foundation head warns of 2nd Amendment’s ‘false friends and false promises’


Steve Sanetti, president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, warned that attacks on the 2nd Amendment are going to intensify in his address to a crowd of gun industry insiders gathered at the annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas.


The NSSF leader told gun industry insiders that the months ahead could have huge implications for the 2nd Amendment.


As Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton vows to double-down on President Barack Obama’s gun control agenda, Sanetti reminded SHOT attendees that the presidential election is only a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to firearm rights.


Sanetti is urging players within the firearm industry to work in their local communities and states in an effort to educate voters how anti-gun politicians at every level of government can harm or protect 2nd Amendment rights.


“We think of the upcoming elections as a presidential election. Indeed it is; but it is so much more. This election is about your entire government, right down to the local level, which ultimately will determine the courses of all our lives, our industry, and the way of life we treasure,” he said.


And he’s right. Readers are certainly not unfamiliar with stories about the ways in which state and local officials are affect your 2nd Amendment rights for better or worse.
When it comes to vetting candidates’ friendliness to the 2nd Amendment, whether they be running for county commission or president, Sanetti offered the gun industry insiders a bit of advice that is useful to anyone interested in preserving 2nd Amendment rights.


“Beware of politician’s’ statements that begin with, ‘I support the Second Amendment but…’ Check out how they vote; not just what they say. Some politicians who would do us in have come right out and said so — they’ve dropped all pretense of being respectful of lawful commence in firearms and have made it easy to choose,” he said.


Harder to recognize, he noted, are politicians who are “false friends” to firearm rights who make “false promises” about preserving the 2nd Amendment.

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