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Sustenance Storage Tips For Space Challenged Preppers

Posted 01/25/2016 4:28 am by

Finding space for survival supplies is a standout amongst the most widely recognized issues preppers face. In case you’re one of only a handful couple of fortunate ones with a basement or storm cellar, you have a lot of room at the appropriate temperature. However, for most who don’t live in bigger houses, stockpiling of survival supplies is a noteworthy issue. Individuals who live in townhouses, condos, small apartments, and so forth are generally aching for storeroom space, so survival water and nourishment can turn out to be truly difficult to store.

Then again, like they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way; and with a tiny bit of innovation it may not be difficult to make some space for survival supplies. Here are a few tips you can use to make some additional space in your home:

Racks under the Stairwell

The cumbersome space under the stairwell is typically a wreck. While a great many people simply dump their stuff there, it can really come in very convenient if utilized in the right way. Building racks could be the most ideal approach to proficiently utilizing the space. In case you’re searching for a significantly more financially savvy and impermanent arrangement, you can store some stuff in cans and put a cardboard on top of the cans to make another level. Wooden boards can likewise be utilized on top of the containers and more pails can be put on top if the board is sufficiently solid.

Storage room

Most storage rooms, while being roomy, look very little since they are confined with stuff. In the event that you put your belongings in a sorted out way, you’ll see that the storage room can be utilized to store significantly more. Additionally, try keeping your survival supplies in containers and cardboard boxes. Things will be more composed thusly.

Hanging racks and over door show containers

Over the door shoe containers can be utilized as a smart approach to store canned foods. While some may not be sufficiently solid to hold substantial things, you can simply get great quality ones that you consider might have the capacity to hold little amounts of canned food and bottled juices.


Under the bed

Shockingly, this is one zone that many people don’t think about as a choice to store things. You can put a considerable measure of canned nourishment, containers of water, and other crisis sustenance supplies under your bed. In the event that you live in an exceptionally confined up spot, you can likewise put blocks to raise your bed and make more space under it.


Not just are bags perfect for voyaging, they can be utilized to store a great deal of things at home as well. You can simply store canned sustenance and other survival supplies in a vacant bag and put it underneath your bed, on top of an organizer or inside your closet.

Make Use of Your Bug Out Vehicle

If you have a bug out vehicle all ready for you outside your house, make good use of the storage space available in it. Bug out vehicles generally have a lot of space and can store quite a lot of survival supplies. To save space in your home, consider storing your bug out bag in the vehicle. This will also help you in case of an emergency when you have to leave home in a hurry.

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