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Family Who Made Billions Off Rise Of OxyContin Are Clinton Donors

Posted 05/11/2016 5:53 am by


Millions of Americans have abused the popular painkiller, which is a cousin to heroin

The Clinton Foundation took donations from the family that made a fortune off OxyContin — one of the opioids fueling an addiction epidemic former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is now campaigning to fix.


The presumptive Democratic nominee has a $10 billion plan to deal with the nationwide addiction problem driven by these opioids, and recently embraced the idea of a federal tax on the drugs. But what she’s leaving out on the campaign trail is that the man who made billions off OxyContin’s invention donated to the Clinton Foundation, reports The Washington Free Beacon.


“We’re not just now ‘discovering’ this problem,” Clinton says on her campaign website in reference to the addiction epidemic. “But we should be saying enough is enough.”


Dr. Mortimer Sackler purchased Purdue Pharma in the 1950s when it was still a small drug company. Since the painkiller OxyContin was approved for prescription use in the ’90s, the Sackler family has made a $14 billion fortune from sales of the drug. Sackler was a Clinton Foundation donor before he died in 2010, and his close relatives have donated to Clinton’s Senate and presidential campaigns.

Millions of Americans have abused the popular painkiller, which is a cousin to heroin. The Los Angeles Times recently alleged Purdue Pharma is misleading consumers about how the drug works in order to boost profits by falsely stating it lasts for 12-hour spurts.



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One response to Family Who Made Billions Off Rise Of OxyContin Are Clinton Donors

  1. Sacklers just a cog May 11th, 2016 at 8:01 am

    It is outrageous that drug addiction was created, legally, by the abuse of government power colluding with monied interest. The FDA rubber stamped the creation of this epidemic. Now democrats just want more taxation to trail along after the carnage, cleaning up some of the mess. What is really needed is for a full investigation into the collusion between pharma and government. How many doctors have lost their medical licenses? Certain pharmacies were clearly drug outlets, way out of proportion to legitimate use. Have they been prosecuted?

    This is one of the worst abuses, but certainly not the only one as pharma bankrupts this country through scams empowered in large part by the president and his party’s desire to globalize the government by reducing us to third-world status. Too bad doj has been turned into a complete joke and is too busy determining bathroom use and other diversity empowerment projects to go after massive, systematic and organized ethnic crime.


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