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Sickos: Leftists seek to make pedophilia the next social justice front

Posted 05/18/2016 3:12 pm by


Back in September, Salon published an article written by a self-described pedophile who argues that the urge to molest children is a “sexual identity” disorder. In a video released Tuesday, the outlet again allowed the pedophile to address its audience.


Salon’s pedophilic commentator Todd Nickerson argued in his September article, “I’m a pedophile, but not a monster,” that society should allow people with sick urges like those he harbors to speak openly without fear of repercussions.


The desire to molest children, he contends, is an issue of sexual orientation. And while neither Nickerson nor Salon advocate that society put up with actual child molestation, the insinuation seems to be that pedophiles shouldn’t be ostracized for having the desire.


Here’s an excerpt from Nickerson’s column last year:


But isn’t that the definition of a pedophile, you may ask, someone who molests kids?  Not really.  Although “pedophile” and “child molester” have often been used interchangeably in the media, and there is some overlap, at base, a pedophile is someone who’s sexually attracted to children. That’s it. There’s no inherent reason he must act on those desires with real children. Some pedophiles certainly do, but many of us don’t. Because the powerful taboo keeps us in hiding, it’s impossible to know how many non-offending pedophiles are out there, but signs indicate there are a lot of us, and too often we suffer in silence.  That’s why I decided to speak up.


In the sickening new video posted to Salon, the pedophile recounts having babysat a 5-year-old girl whom he had the desire to molest. But he didn’t— and he believes society owes him a pat on the back.


You see, far-left insanity dictates that Nickerson is a victim because he has the urge to do something that he can’t. The pedophile says he feels “persecuted” for his urges.


While crime statistics do show that many people who are prosecuted for child molestation were themselves victims of a sexual crime at some point, assigning victim status to a person who admittedly has sick thoughts about children seems a step too far even for people who seem to have abandoned logic in every other way.


If Nickerson and others like him have sick thoughts about children for whatever reason, they should find help before something truly terrible happens.


But in an age where certain people are hell-bent on making every manner of sexual perversion seem totally normal, what more should we expect from a leftist rag like Salon?


This is only the most recent sad example of the many ways in which the nation has lost its way thanks to political correctness and the misguided trend of ignoring common sense in an effort to create a utopian society. We can’t say it’s a good idea for police to patrol more heavily in certain areas because inhabitants of such areas have a higher propensity for criminal activity. We can’t say our wives, sisters and daughters may feel uncomfortable using public restrooms with women who were once, or still are, men. We can’t state that STDs are more likely to affect people who engage in risky sexual activity. We can’t say that people raised with certain archaic beliefs may have a hard time getting along with Western society. And now, the left wants us to believe that we should be comfortable living next door to a guy who openly admits a desire to have sex with children.





7 responses to Sickos: Leftists seek to make pedophilia the next social justice front

  1. PDM May 18th, 2016 at 8:10 pm

    “Leftists”??? How about “Jews”. Just call it what it is.


  2. m May 18th, 2016 at 9:51 pm

    i sometimes have the urge to steal- desire things i don’t own. does that mean i identify as a thief? should society allow me to steal because it is my nature, or prosecute me for my desire? of course neither, and of course the notion of labeling myself as something i will never enact is absurd. this whole thing is absurd. gender identity never became an issue before cosmetic surgery. they’re not gender-fluid, they’re surgery junkies.


  3. Pork Chop Bubblegum May 19th, 2016 at 7:52 am

    There is an intellectual war between “sj-posers” and transexuals at the moment.

    From what I’ve read, there is a difference between a cross dresser experimenting and someone who undertakes surgery.

    The anger stems from sj-posers speaking on behalf of a community that doesn’t really support them, because, for example, “Transexual Women” do not have a penis.They argue that it’s very difficult for them to be accepted as TS-women, when sj-posers angrily fight them on terminology.

    A few TS-Women blogs I’ve read, are attacked by these sj-posers, like salon, for not joining the “community” of “transgenderism”.

    What strikes me is not the semantics of the argument, but the pattern and similarities of the attacks. If you were to replace climate change with transgender, the rest remains the same. Replace climate change, with “trump violence”, same pattern. You can do this with “assad gotta go”, “putin aggression”, “black lives matter”.

    In each case, the comments or attack follow a peculiar pattern of feigned empathy, emotionalism, and victim playing. When you look behind the curtain of all these so called “justice” issues, you will find another peculiar pattern.

    All these posers seem to be looking for a “class”, “group”, “stereotype”, “label”, or “identity” to exploit for political and/or financial gain.

    For example, one blog I was reading comments on, a self identified “gay man”, called this transexual women ignorant for not understanding the issue and hurting the collective “COMMUNITY”.

    After a response from the blogger, informing the “gay man” that he didn’t speak for “her” and “she” was not gay, and did not like “gay men”, and as such didn’t care about the “community”, the name calling and attacks began, “sellout”, “confused”, “liar”, etc.

    This might shock you, but the blogger responded about the bathroom issue as well. This self described “Transexual woman”, didn’t want men in the women’s bathroom either and said it was actually a harsh reminder that no matter what people believe, this “Transexual woman”, would never feel or be treated “normal” no matter what they did. Especially by any group trying to “identify” or co-opt them for their own purposes.

    What I found intriguing, is how this was just another example of collective tyranny vs. individual Liberty.

    How about feminist bloggers who think TS-women are just gay men suffering from depression or it’s just a fetish.

    Then there’s conservative Gay men blogging about bisexuality being a fad for college kids, real gay men don’t like women at all, not just 1/2 the time.

    Salon looks like it’s failing, so they come up with sensational articles because it’s the only way they can get hits. I suspect this perticular article was a product of “gamer-gate”, because one person behind it talked about being attracted to children sexually, but wouldn’t act on it. Exposed by someone who was supportive, until they read that on a secret board for SJ-posers and their online marketing “strategies”.

    I won’t link to it, but check out encyclopedia dramatica, especially the gamer-gate entry. It’s NSFW but a tongue-in-cheek look at all these internet memes over the years. It’s most likely the most ANTI-PC website in the world. Cringe worthy for sure, but read between the lines and you’ll find freedom of expression, aka Liberty.


  4. Michael Garrison May 19th, 2016 at 10:58 am

    22 minutes ago (10:32 Pacific time 5/19/16) the GOP caused a near riot in the House after they voted down a measure that protects the LGBT community.
    We should all know by now that the word “protection” actually means “special rights”. To be normal and sane is now mental disorder, as described by the lunatics within the Obama administration.

    Pedophilia is sick and twisted, no matter how you dress it up. But when you control the world, then you also control the law-making. That’s why being right has become wrong, and being wrong has become right.

    Thankfully, this nonsense is almost over.


  5. Chrinstine May 19th, 2016 at 2:07 pm

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  6. himorher May 19th, 2016 at 8:38 pm

    kill all commies. start civil war now. nip in bud.


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