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Mass Shooting: 5 Tips To Survive Mass Shooting

Posted 05/20/2016 1:37 pm by

Mass Shooting

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Yes, I am a survivor! It happened 10 years ago. Not only did he leave me with physical reminders of something I want to forget but he also blessed me with constant panic attacks whenever I hear about mass shootings. As a survivor, today, I feel that the pain I endured while my wounds were healing was far less as compared to what I feel now. I relive it whenever I see the scars, whenever I hear about mass shootings and whenever I hear the date ‘15th November’. I still keep losing a part of myself in order to get over what happened.

We have all heard of the saying, ‘prevention is better than cure’, no matter how clichéd it sounds, it really is the better option. However, if you’ve found yourself in a mass shooting situation, following is what you need to do:

  • Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Keep your eyes and ears open. Be aware of the escape routes and exit plans of the buildings you visit often so that as soon as you’re caught in such a situation you’re able to react immediately and run directly to the exit without wasting time.

  • Do Not Look Back

Once you’ve analysed the surroundings and realised that running could be an option, do not look back. This may mean fighting with your first instinct of grabbing your belongings but realise the fact that a second’s mistake could cost you your life. In some cases of mass shooting, attackers are well prepared and use the best spotting scopes to aim for targets that run, so you must evaluate all the possible worst case scenarios and plan before you take your decision.

  • Do Not Give Away

If at this point you realise that you cannot run, do not panic. Remain calm, stay in the room, switch off the lights, block the door with a chair or a table, stay quiet and make sure you lie down horizontally on the floor. These techniques would not only save you from getting hurt but would also make it difficult for the shooter to attack you.

  • Aim High & ATTACK!

Once you find yourself in a situation like this, panicking and hesitation could prove to be fatal. Hence, get hold of any weapon/stationary/iron rods/books to attack the shooter near his head (eyes, arm, neck or shoulder) in order to incapacitate him. In case where luck does not go with you, be as physically aggressive as possible while staying calm, committed and focused throughout.

  • Keep Your Hands Up In The Air

This should be done to let the police force know that you are not carrying any weapons when you see them approaching you in search of the shooters. Make sure that you avoid shouting and yelling as this would be the last test of your patience. In case, you’re injured, try to stop the bleeding by applying pressure till you get some medical aid.

Research shows how a victim reacts within the first 5 seconds of active shooting actually makes the difference between life and death. Hence, do not freeze or panic but also, do not try to be a hero. Fighting and attacking the shooter should always be a last resort.

Abiding by the instructions given above would give us many lot more success stories like mine.

One response to Mass Shooting: 5 Tips To Survive Mass Shooting

  1. Michael Garrison July 12th, 2016 at 11:26 am

    One of the top ways used to assassinate people is with two people on a motorcycle. One driver, one shooter.

    They drive up alongside and fill your vehicle, and your head, with holes.

    ALWAYS watch your rear-view mirrors. It doesn’t HAVE to be a motorcycle, it can be another vehicle.


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