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Feds spend nearly $20,000 to settle every refugee

Posted 06/08/2016 5:30 pm by


Federal taxpayers are on the hook for nearly $20,000 just to settle each refugee and asylum seeker, who are then immediately eligible for cash welfare, food stamps, housing and medical aid, according to a new report on the “refugee industry.”


The report provided federal budget figures showing that the government spends $19,884 on each refugee the U.S. takes in.


And that number is set to jump if President Obama gets his way and brings in an additional 10,000 Syrian refugees in this year.


The report from the Negative Population Growth Inc. said that the U.S. is currently accepting about 95,000 refugees and asylees. That is in addition to the over 500,000 legal and illegal immigrants coming to the U.S.



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One response to Feds spend nearly $20,000 to settle every refugee

  1. Wilbur June 9th, 2016 at 4:09 am

    Stop all donations to any church. The Lutheran, Catholic, and Jewish “Social Services” are being given YOUR tax dollars to import these savages. Check out their web pages, they BRAG about what they are doing. Cut off ALL “churches” and those not involved will pressure those who ARE —- Dry up the MONEY of those JUDAS ISCARIOTS that are betraying us.
    That’s why I say just cut off ALL of them …. nothing gets a priest’s attention like EMPTY collection plates and “word” will get around very quickly IF People will STAND UP.
    ALSO.. when donating to food pantries ALWAYS donate pork products..like pork and beans so you know the food is going to Americans who need it!


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