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DHS in charge of gun control? What could go wrong?

Posted 06/18/2016 5:34 pm by



Department of  Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson piped up in the wake of the Orlando nightclub massacre, claiming that responsibility for gun control has to fall under the auspices of homeland security.


“We have to face the fact that meaningful gun control has to be a part of homeland security,” Johnson said in an interview on “CBS This Morning.” “We need to do something to minimize the opportunity for terrorists to get a gun in this country.”


So Homeland Security, which has yet to find a potential terrorist despite stationing thousands of rapists and gropers and luggage thieves at airports, and which has lost almost 500,000 immigrants who have overstayed their visas, and which cannot will not control the borders, and which consistently turns loose unvetted illegal aliens that fall into its hands by shipping them to various states on buses, and which contracted with a “security agency” for which the accused Orlando shooter worked transporting said illegal aliens, and which ignored the shooter’s multiple trips to Saudi Arabia – the chief funder of terrorism – and ties to a radical mosque that has produced at least one suicide bomber, is going to be in charge of creating ways to minimize the opportunity for terrorists to get a gun in the country? Terrorists everywhere heard this news and rejoiced.


But not so American patriots who believe in the Constitution and rule of law. That’s because Johnson followed up by uttering one of the most specious lines the Obama gun-grabbing cabal has uttered of late – the tired canard that “people on a list” should not be able to purchase a weapon.


Those “lists” are kept secret and people don’t even know they’re on one until they try to purchase airline tickets or interact with the Federal government in some way. Courts won’t even acknowledge you are on a list much less why you’re there, because the information may be “top secret,” and the government is not required to provide you with the information it used to put you on there. So getting off is next to impossible, and one doesn’t know he’s off until suddenly he’s no longer harassed at the airport. And that list has captured toddlers, Iraq war vets, nuns, social security recipients, Green Party activists and even U.S. congressweasels and 72 employees of DHS.


In short, the “lists” deny Americans due process and violate Amendments 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9, at least. Not that due process matters anymore to the elected class, as they are now blaming it for “killing us.”


In a January meeting of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC), Johnson echoed one member’s sentiment that “the threat from right-wing extremists domestically is just as real as the threat from Islamic extremism.”


So “right wing extremists” will no doubt make it on one of those “lists.” And who are right wing extremists? According to DHS they include Ron Paul supporters, people who fly Gadsden flags, Tea Party people, veterans, people who pay with cash, people who store food or buy in bulk, Christian “fundamentalists,” people who oppose abortion and those who talk about the Constitution as the law of the land.


Oh, and one member of the HSAC happens to be a 25-year-old Syrian immigrant who has consistently disparaged America, free speech and white people on social media. That member, Laila Alawa, also publicly stated that the September 11 attacks “changed the world for good,” according to the Daily Caller. Which sounds a lot like the rantings of the Orlando shooter’s father, a Taliban-supporting nut-job who has claimed to be a candidate for the Afghanistan presidency from Florida and has claimed to run a provisional Afghan government from his studio. But neither Johnson’s DHS or the FBI seem to be bothered by that because the DHS must “avoid using the words ‘sharia’ and ‘jihad’ (among others) when discussing terrorism, in order to avoid offending Muslims.”



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8 responses to DHS in charge of gun control? What could go wrong?

  1. desertspeaks June 18th, 2016 at 9:10 pm

    this will not survive a challenge in court because it’s unconstitutional..


    • Jim Yost June 19th, 2016 at 11:56 am

      And since when are the high courts going to abide by the constitution?


  2. Tucker June 19th, 2016 at 12:15 am

    You are clearly naive if you think the left or the cucked RINOs on the right give a hoot about obeying the U.S. Constitution or letting it get in the way of their lust to turn the USA into the new Soviet Union.


  3. nuthinbutnet June 19th, 2016 at 2:04 am

    So, it all comes together.
    Was all planned this way. From the start.
    The DHS buys mega-millions of ammo and weapons for who?
    Well, all I can say, is it’s all coming together.
    Right before your very eyes.


  4. El Jefe June 19th, 2016 at 2:27 am

    The soviet union collapsed, that sounds like good news. Bottom feeding marxists will have to find a new host to leech from, and Americans can go back to Liberty, just like Russians after they were duped by the Bolsheviks.

    When the government fears the people, there is Liberty! The boisterous sea of Liberty, is never without a wave!

    “I have ever deemed it fundamental for the United States never to take active part in the quarrels of Europe. Their political interests are entirely distinct from ours. Their mutual jealousies, their balance of power, their complicated alliances, their forms and principles of government, are all foreign to us. They are nations of eternal war. All their energies are expended in the destruction of the labor, property and lives of their people.” –Thomas Jefferson to James Monroe, 1823. ME: 15:436

    “The flames kindled on the Fourth of July, 1776, have spread over too much of the globe to be extinguished by the feeble engines of despotism; on the contrary, they will consume these engines and all who work them.” –Thomas Jefferson to John Adams, 1821. ME 15:334



  5. legal eagle June 19th, 2016 at 2:43 am

    The DHS has no more authority to “infringe” on the second amendment than the President does. To assume such authority is illegal as there is no constitutional basis for it. The DHS, just like everyone else in positions of authority have sworn an oath to up hold the constitution and that includes the second amendment, so breaking of that oath is grounds for legal action. A charge of treason might be a good starting point.


  6. Wilbur June 19th, 2016 at 4:56 am

    The only “war” is on Your RIGHTS, not Terror. Remember the Jan. 2005 PANIC due to a rumor that Chinese with a NUKE had crossed the Mexican border and were headed to blow up Boston. The border is STILL wide open …… so like …. they care about airplanes but NOT about whole cities being NUKED?!
    Above is a transcript from March 2nd 2009 (rerun on June 21) 60 MINUTES. In brief, the Government acknowledges that it has no control of the border. TONS of drugs and Millions of ILLEGALS enter this country. TONS of cash and TONS of weapons leave this country. They have no way of knowing how many “TERRORISTS” have crossed .
    TWO things were of major interest:
    (1) The Department of Homeland Security acknowledges they have no control – therefore, HOW are they going to protect YOU from TERRORISTS, if they cannot stop gangbangers, YARD WORKERS, NANNIES, COOKS from strolling across.
    (2) The “head” of the Department of Homeland Security (and others) tries to blame your RIGHT to keep and bear ARMS for the weapons going south. The only trouble is …….. they showed and talked of MISSILES, HAND GRENADES, BELT FED MACHINES GUNS. Those are weapons STOLEN FROM THE AMERICAN MILITARY. They are not coming from the SEMI-auto Civilian world! They are direct from your Military’s ARMORIES. Not only can your Government NOT PROTECT the borders …. and YOU. The Government CANNOT HANG ON TO IT’S OWN WEAPONS!!!
    OH— operation “Fast and Furious” —– your Government is GIVING guns to NARCOTERRORISTS……


  7. Alabama Mothman June 19th, 2016 at 5:09 am

    The 2nd amendment in name only. They dont want us armed in face of the muslim hordes.


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