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Watch political hacks’ AR-15 lies get DESTROYED by former Navy SEAL

Posted 06/18/2016 5:27 pm by



Editors note : Whatever you think of all the terror / false flag attacks, this guy is 100% correct in his assessment of the AR-15.


Former Navy SEAL Dom Raso has had enough of the political left’s dishonesty about the dangers of semi-automatic rifles in the hands of American citizens– and he’s telling them to shut up.

“Let me say something to every political hack pretending you know an AR-15 from a double barreled shotgun in the wake of the Orlando terror attack. Stop talking,” Raso says in a video commentary for NRA News. “Every word not only exposes your ignorance, but your utter contempt for ordinary Americans trying to survive in an age of terror you still won’t fully recognize.”


Raso goes on to note that the 2nd Amendment was aimed at making sure Americans could protect themselves from threats to life and liberty, regardless of how the anti-gun left attempts to twist its words.


The AR-15, he contends, is an ideal platform to provide that protection in the modern age.


“Unlike Hillary, I’ve actually used an AR-15—but fully automatic,” Raso explains. “I was a SEAL for twelve years. Now, I train average everyday Americans to protect themselves and their families.


“And for the vast majority of people I work with, there is no better firearm to defend their homes against realistic threats than an AR-15 semi-automatic,” he continues.


Raso says he so loves the AR platform for home defense for a few very simple reasons.


It’s easy to learn.

It’s easy to use

It’s accurate.

It’s reliable.


“If the founding fathers had known this gun would have been invented, they wouldn’t have rewritten the Second Amendment—they would have fortified it in stone,” he says. “They knew the only way for us to stay free was by having whatever guns the bad guys have. This firearm gives average people the advantage they so desperately need and deserve to protect their life, liberty, and happiness.”


Raso also notes that assault weapon bans in places like California have done little to deter terrorists—but asks viewers to pay careful attention to the firearms the first responders carry when they arrive on the scene of terror attacks.


“Why would you want to ban the gun that you pray for police to show up with?” Raso asks.


And, Raso suggests, if there weren’t a legitimate reason for average Americans to fear Islamic extremists, politicians like Clinton wouldn’t be surrounded by armed guards.


“I fought this enemy face-to-face for 12 years,” he notes. “I know how they think, and I know the hatred that burns inside them.”


Raso concludes with three suggestions: Embrace your freedom, get an AR-15 and learn how to use it.


“Your safety is in your hands,” he says. “And thank God we have the Second Amendment.”


7 responses to Watch political hacks’ AR-15 lies get DESTROYED by former Navy SEAL

  1. Robertsgt40 June 18th, 2016 at 7:37 pm

    I toted an M16 in Nam. Junk. Jammed all the time. Not enough knockdown power. Take an AK in a minute.


    • steve houghton June 19th, 2016 at 3:50 am

      I did too,and it never let me down. But by then they figured out the problem was the powder the military used in the ammunition, not the weapon. Stoner’s design worked. The arbitary change in the powder for the ammo was to benefit some defense contract insider. Cost good men their lives. When they went back to the right powder, it worked. They work when clean. Knock down power, sure it doesn’t compare to the M-14 I had in basic training, the AK 47. (they alway worked). I would have prefered to carry the M-14, which by the way is still in the US arsenal, and still in use today. The M-14 and it’s ammo is heavy by comparison. When I was 20, I didn’t care. Today I like the light weight, and if we’re talking home defense, the wife and kids can handle a AR-15.


  2. El Jefe June 19th, 2016 at 4:06 am

    barack is so out of touch with the American majority now, he doesn’t even realize he announces it every time he speaks. You can see his popularity with Americans is getting so small, it now consists of illegal immigrants, college kids living with their parents, and corrupt establishment bureaucrats looking to swindle the public for more money.

    So he comes out and makes a political push to score sympathy points for his failed presidency. He’s been on a charm offensive for over a month, and now the president of the united states, *ehem*, is down on one knee, campaigning for SHillary and the UK to stay in the EU. Yikes, if he’s not embarassed, I’m embarassed for him.

    Remember, this is our noble peace prize winner, looking to reignite Syria, cause more tension with Russia, and dividing Americans at the end of his presidency, for partisan political purposes.

    He looks desperate and he promises more attacks on Americans if they don’t allow their friends and families to remain defenseless, against foreign or homegrown terror?

    His DOJ, FBI, CIA, DIA, NSA, DHS security mega complex can’t even thwart paid violent mobs, bussed in by organized labor thugs at peaceful political rallies, and I’m supposed to trust him when he says if I was defenseless I’d be safer?

    Thats not a solution. He’s either trapped by his shrinking consituencies’ idealogical totalism or more worried about how history will judge him for dividing Americans more then Bush did!

    Bush lied and people died?

    Obama keeps lyin’, and folks keep dyin’.


  3. Watch political hacks’ AR-15 lies get DESTROYED by former Navy SEAL | From the Trenches World Report June 19th, 2016 at 4:33 am

    […] Patriot Rising […]


  4. Modernsamurai June 19th, 2016 at 6:07 am

    AR-15 is also a good choice for home defense due to the fact that it’s small high velocity round ( even ball ) will fragment into very tiny pieces if it hits drywall or solid walls. This helps with eliminating projectiles from going thru walls and hitting family in other rooms or exiting your house and hitting your neighbors property.


  5. aen rabeon June 19th, 2016 at 7:42 am

    Your government expect you to retaliate with stones and dig tunnels as an escape route in case of any attack to your home.


  6. Randy June 19th, 2016 at 11:15 am

    Did it ever occur to you to aim at the head while you were over there? Even just a copper jacketed 5.56 round can penetrate a .25″ mild steel plate with a .125″ plate behind it. I know, because I did it a couple of times out in the creek bed with some friends! And I checked the rounds with a magnet to make sure that he didn’t have AP in the mag, as I couldn’t believe it went through both pieces of scrap plate. Not too many people can take a head wound from ANY gun, and a 5.56 will take ’em ALL down.


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