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Taking home defense seriously

Posted 07/04/2016 2:49 pm by



We’ve all heard plenty about home defense through the years. In addition to protecting ourselves and our families, we want to keep our valuables out of the hands of home invaders.


The home defense basics are keeping front and back doors locked at all times, using only the strongest of locks, fortifying doors, placing bars on windows, keeping lights on whether home or away, never opening the door to a stranger, etc.


Now it’s time to crank it up a few notches. To really prepare for a crisis that could very well include people invading our homes to steal what we’ve stockpiled or do harm to us during a period of lawlessness, we need to raise the bar on home defense.


Avoiding a standoff


Let’s look first at how to avoid a confrontation. If you can keep what’s rightfully yours without engaging in a gunfight, everyone will be better off.


Prior to a disaster, don’t make it known you are stockpiling food, water and other essential items. If you’ve announced your preparation plans to the neighborhood, yours might be the first home to which a mob comes calling in a crisis. And keep your emergency supplies well concealed within your home.


Once a disaster strikes, quickly pre-plunder your property. Make looters and attackers decide after one look at your home that it’s not worth investigating farther. Create the impression that your home has already come under siege and that mobs have taken away everything of value.


Your front and back lawns should contain trash strewn about, broken furniture lying on its side and random piles of junk in various places. Maybe even spray bullet holes through some of these items to make it look like a battle has occurred.


Finally, have an escape plan. There might come a time when you and your family are absolutely overwhelmed by a force coming toward you and escaping is the only thing that will save your lives.


Have at least one door, window or hatch in mind that’s located on the least-exposed wing of your dwelling so that as a last resort you can bolt out in a hurry and hopefully reach some kind of cover quickly.


Guns, guns, guns


You must own a gun — and probably more than one — for the type of emergency that it is probably coming around the bend. In fact, you should have at least two guns for everyone in your household old enough and trained enough to use them.


A gun is the only thing that might stop someone — or a group of “someones” — determined to do you harm and possibly steal your home right out from under you during a major crisis. Guns are going to give you the ability to defend what’s yours against people who want to overtake you with their guns.


A shotgun will probably do the trick for you. The nice thing about this type of weapon is that you don’t have to be a marksman to be effective with it. Because it sprays a number of pellets in a circular pattern, it increases your odds of hitting a moving target. It can be lethal up to 100 feet.


A rifle is another good choice because it can shoot accurately at a much longer range than a pistol and will also accomplish a higher degree of penetration into the target. It would be ideal for use while you’re on the porch or leaning out a window as a mob approaches.


Lastly, make sure you have several handguns. The biggest advantage here is maneuverability. Semi-automatic handguns are the way to go, and choose .45 caliber bullets over .22’s. A pistol’s range is limited, so they’re best in close combat situations.


No matter which weapons you’ve chosen for use in extreme home defense, make sure that you practice with them regularly. The more accomplished you are with your guns, the better the odds that you’ll be able to protect your family and property during an emergency. And it goes without saying that you need lots of ammunition for each weapon.


Home bunkers


Some hardcore survivalists will tell you the only real solution to dealing with a catastrophe is an underground bunker where you could live for up to a year. While a bunker may be the only way to avoid fallout from a nuclear attack, it probably is not realistic for most people’s budgets.


In addition, there are ways that the bad guys can flush you out of a bunker, including through the ventilation and exhaust system. They could send smoke into your bunker, place a flammable object into your exhaust and light it or drop an explosive into your bunker. They could try to drown you with large quantities of water or they could bury you alive with a bulldozer.



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