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Couple Briefly Held At Knifepoint By Robber, But Then One Intended Victim Pulled His Gun

Posted 07/05/2016 3:47 pm by


Adolfo Rodriguez, 29, of Eugene, attempted to rob a concealed carrier at knifepoint while the man was out for an evening stroll with his wife. After Rodriguez pulled his knife, a heated verbal altercation took place and the man pulled his gun as a warning for Rodriguez to advance no further.


Rodriguez wisely decided to beat feet out of there. According to the Register-Guard, he was captured shortly thereafter by police and charged with first-degree robbery and unlawful use of a weapon.


The Register-Guard pointed out that if convicted, Rodriguez will face mandatory minimum sentencing totally up to 7.5 years. That’s a good stretch behind bars. The alternative of having a gun used on him, though, is likely well worth it.


There’s going to be a bunch of discussion about the pros and cons of using a gun against someone with a knife at close range. We’ve all seen the Mythbusters episode where Jamie charges at 15 feet, etc., etc.


Mythbusters was a great show. They covered a lot of topics that were entertaining. Mythbusters, though, is entertainment. Self-defense is reality.


If someone threatens to use a weapon — whether it be a knife or a gun — the person receiving the threat has a duty to take that threat seriously.


If you read the original article, try not to wander down in the comments section. You’ll see a litany of apologist rhetoric about how armed citizens need to go through even tougher regulations. One commenter, ScienceDuck, agreed with a previous statement concerning how he wished there were tougher regulations on gun-owning individuals.


Right. Having abundant firepower in a society has both plusses [sic] and minuses. It hampers reasoned discussion to pretend otherwise. I wonder if showing a gun to someone holding you at knifepoint is a good idea… a person with a knife can move quickly. But in this case the “alleged” robber was fortunately not intending to carry through with any threat and backed off.


This is really some of the thinking that the gun owning community has to contend with. There are people in this world that really think that someone threatening your life deserves to be reasoned with. The very idea of taking the risk to defend your own life seems ill-conceived to these people.


It’s enough to boil blood for those who refuse to be victims. Don’t be a victim. Carry everyday and defend yourself, your family, and your property from harm.



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2 responses to Couple Briefly Held At Knifepoint By Robber, But Then One Intended Victim Pulled His Gun

  1. joe July 5th, 2016 at 4:16 pm

    We can talk about self defense day and night. The real purpose behind the establishment “gun violence” rhetoric is the American people disarmament in order to go ahead with the globalist agenda…Simple eh?


  2. wyatt earp July 14th, 2016 at 5:42 pm

    never bring a knife to a gunfight


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