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Gun sales soar

Posted 07/16/2016 3:53 pm by


Despite Democrats’ best efforts, gun sales continue to break records in the United States.


According to the latest numbers out from the FBI, last month more people had a firearm-related background check than in any June prior. The number of NICS checks was up 39 percent in June 2016 over the same period a year ago.


And the June numbers represent a trend ongoing since the beginning of 2016.


As the National Rifle Association noted:


For the first six months of 2016, checks are up 32 percent over the same period in 2015. If the present rate of checks holds through December, there will be over 32 million checks conducted this year, more than double the number conducted during President Obama’s first year in office. There have been 26.5 million checks during the last 12 months, more than in any 12-month period previously.


NICS checks don’t precisely indicate the number of firearms acquired in a given time frame. But the trend in checks makes clear that Americans are acquiring firearms at a record pace. The annual number of checks has risen from 12.7 million during the last year of President George W. Bush’s administration to an average of 23 million during Obama’s second term.


The trend is likely to continue as the 2016 presidential election season wears on, driven largely by fears over Hillary Clinton’s increasingly anti-2nd Amendment rhetoric and promises to reinstate the “assault weapons” ban if elected.



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