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A Prepper’s Guide To Survive Any Global Catastrophe

Posted 07/25/2016 7:42 am by



There has been an increasing concern regarding global catastrophes such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, riots, economic collapse, tornadoes etc, certain people have become more aware of the imminent threat that such catastrophe pose and they have started prepping for them. This species of human preps for everything so that when SHTF (shit hits the fan) they know how to get out of the chaos alive. These intelligent species of human are known as preppers or survivors. They plan out everything, from first aid kits to bug out bags and bug out vehicles to the perfect exit plan; they are set to go.


How to survive any catastrophe:

The important thing to remember is global catastrophes like floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes can strike any time even if there are forecasts about them. They are known to be unpredictable when it comes to how long they can last for or the damage they cause in the aftermath, which means we have to act quick, we have to improvise and think fast. This is where the concept of innovation comes.

If we’re innovative enough in these situations we might not only make it out alive but also go on living peacefully in our bug out homes or vehicles until things settle down.


The concept of innovation and how it helps in survival:

So remember during any catastrophe we have to think and act quickly, improvising with the resources we have at the time. Keeping this in mind lets take a few examples of how we can be innovative. The biggest issue when SHTF is of transportation. How to get out of the immediately affected region?  In the case of floods you will want to get to higher grounds preferably mountainous terrains and for this, you’ll need a vehicle to carry you and the other survivors.

What preppers usually do is modify the average truck or car into a proper all-purpose motor home. This is not only economically efficient but it also helps if you’re on a budget plus if you’re redesigning or modifying the vehicle yourself you can choose to make it fit for your own comfort and purpose.  If you need more space and plan on being on the run the entire time it’s better if you have a motorhome, a concept that some preppers like to play with is turning the average cabover truck into a proper modern motor home by installing beds, solar panels, metal walls and a water pump system. Other preppers like to install weapons and defense mechanisms in their vehicles in order to prevent unwanted parties from targeting them.

There are many other innovative concepts that preppers usually come up with at the time of these catastrophes and it pays off big time, the trick is to look at the resources you have around you, analyze their usefulness and then adjust them to your needs there and then.


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