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Chicago: ‘Deadliest July in 10 Years’ for Gun Control Haven

Posted 08/03/2016 9:40 am by



July 2016 was the “deadliest July in 10 years” for heavily gun-controlled Chicago: Sixty-five individuals were shot and killed.


Moreover, according to the Chicago Tribune, such death figures do not set a new record — they simply tie a record set in 2006, when 65 individuals were killed in the month of July. This brings Chicago’s homicide total to “nearly 400” for the first seven months of 2016 alone. The number of homicides for the whole year of 2015 was 490.


Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson tried to abate the feeding frenzy on the July death numbers by pointing out that they are at least better than the numbers for June, “when 72 homicides were reported.”


Breitbart News previously reported that May 2016 was also a recording-setting month. Almost 400 people were shot and 66 people were killed in that one month. The Chicago Tribune reported May 2016 as the deadliest May since 1995, when 75 people were gunned down.


On August 2, the Chicago Tribune reported a total of 2,395 shooting victims in Chicago for the seven months of 2016. There were 2,988 shooting victims for all of 2015. These shootings come in spite of the city’s “assault weapons” ban, “violence tax,” strict rules on acquiring handguns, and micro-management of the number of gun stores in the city, as well as of the locations of those stores.



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One response to Chicago: ‘Deadliest July in 10 Years’ for Gun Control Haven

  1. Darkstarr August 4th, 2016 at 6:03 am

    Guns are the least of anyone’s problems.how can any person go against the New weaponry of the new day.The gun control initiatives are a disraction, smoke and mirrors.the era of the gun has long sinced last idiots.transhumanism is staring us in the face and we’re worried about losing and taking away our guns.you can’t protected yourself against what the new day has in their arsenal.it is over and we need to accept it.


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