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Emergency DNC Plan Underway to Replace Hillary Clinton: “Unchartered Political Territory”

Posted 09/12/2016 12:35 pm by

Editor’s Comment: You know things are bad when your health is failing, the cover-up of your failing health is failing, your only supporters have a net worth over $1 billion and even your party begins to abandon you. Politically, the DNC is facing the stark reality that they may have no choice but to come up with a last minute alternative candidate. Maybe somebody predictable, like Biden, lying around; maybe a surprise. Either way, Hillary and her campaign staff are being forced to come to terms with the fact that her unstable condition has been exposed.


Why did she continue to run when she knew something was terribly wrong with her? Will she continue to run, despite what is obvious to everyone and even the media must admit? The would-be emperor is naked. How much longer will the charade go on?


DNC to Hold Emergency Meeting to Consider REPLACING Hillary Clinton


The Democratic National Committee is set to hold an emergency meeting during which it will consider replacing Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate after her collapse in New York yesterday.


According to Emmy award winning broadcaster David Shuster, Democratic Party operatives will stage a crisis summit during which they will begin the search for an alternative in light of Clinton’s health problems – and an apparent effort by her campaign to cover them up.


A source told Shuster that the combination of her campaign hiding the fact that Hillary had been suffering from pneumonia for the past three days, in addition to the shocking footage of her fall in New York represented “unchartered political territory.”

“We can make contingencies, argue, plead with Hillary Clinton, but DNC bylaws are clear her nominee status now totally up to her,” a top Democrat sold Shuster.

In addition, Hillary’s top advisors expressed concerns that the shock footage of Hillary appearing to faint was a massive game changer.

“The Clintons have this notion that they only go as far as they need to” in terms of disclosure, an ally close to the former president told Politico. “They can’t afford to approach this that way.”

“It’s going to be something that people aren’t going to be able to stop talking about, so we’ll see,” added James Carville, a long time close confidante of Hillary Clinton.

Another unnamed source close to the Clintons said the fainting video “adds a new, unwelcome element” to the presidential race.

As we reported last week, even before her fall, top Democratic strategists were panicked that Hillary’s health was becoming a major issue that could cost Clinton the election.

This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at Infowars.com.

Editors note : http://www.shtfplan.com/conspiracy-fact-and-theory/emergency-dnc-plan-underway-to-replace-hillary-clinton-unchartered-political-territory_09122016

2 responses to Emergency DNC Plan Underway to Replace Hillary Clinton: “Unchartered Political Territory”

  1. Tom September 12th, 2016 at 5:00 pm

    We the People may not to get to see Hillary’s medical records, but you can bet your sweet bippy that at the highest levels of the ruling elite, they know everything down to the smallest detail. They have known how sick she was all along, yet chose to have her selected anyway. So the question becomes, what has their game plan been all along when their sick girl croaks? Nobody has really been surprised by this, we’ve all been watching it unfold for months. What we don’t know is the nature of the trap they’re laying for us in the form of who replaces Hillary.


  2. The Greatest Criminal Minds Rule Our Civilization; and they have no law or concern for humanity – ttimesoftrouble September 16th, 2016 at 5:52 am

    […] Emergency DNC Plan Underway to Replace Hillary Clinton: “Unchartered Political Territory” […]


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