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Teen defends the 2nd Amendment, school orders psych evaluation

Posted 09/29/2016 5:02 pm by


A high school senior in New Jersey was suspended from school and ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation after officials discovered he’d completed  an anti-gun-control project for a class.


Student Frank Harvey said he completed the project last year after it was assigned by a teacher for a college readiness class.


“It was assigned by the teacher, and I got the topic, which was anti-gun control, approved by the teacher,” he told News 12 New Jersey.


But when Harvey recently left a thumb drive containing the project, complete with news reports of people using guns in self-defense and pro-2nd Amendment political cartoons, the police got involved.


After police investigated and cleared Harvey—supporting the 2nd Amendment isn’t a crime, after all— one would think that the non-issue would have been resolved.


Unfortunately, officials at the school escalated the situation, suspending the student and questioning his sanity.


“I’ve never been a violent person. I’ve never had detention in my life,” Harvey told reporters.


The teacher is for some reason denying having assigned the project, according to the student.


Even so, it’s worth reiterating that defending the 2nd Amendment isn’t a crime.


Harvey has since dropped out of the school and will finish his education with a GED.


Again, one would think that the state would now be forced to drop the issue. But according to the student’s mother, it hasn’t.


The state department of child services was sent to the student’s home this week.


“They came to my home trying to talk to my son,” said his mother. “I was at work. I told my son they have no right to talk to him. He refused to speak with them and they left. I’m not sure why they came. The school likely sent them out because they didn’t like how things have come out in the media.


“This is harassment. I want them to leave us alone. My son is at home studying for his GED. There’s no reason for this. They’re just harassing us. I’m not going to have my son undergo a psychological exam based on a teacher’s lies. I’m not going let them label him. I’m not going to roll over. My son and his welfare comes first.”


School officials and representatives from child services refused to comment to media.



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