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Wealthy Americans are buying bunkers like crazy

Posted 09/29/2016 4:56 pm by


Hollywood has created a pretty standard caricature of the American prepper. Heavily armed, gratuitously paranoid and prone to lengthy monologues about government conspiracies — think Dale Gribble from the animated King of the Hill series or Burt Gummer from the Tremors movie franchise.

The version of the prepper elites have created is disingenuous — and they know that’s true more than anyone. You’re more likely to find a well-supplied bunker in the home of a Hollywood director or Silicone Valley billionaire than on the off-the-grid compound of some tinfoil-hatted desert dweller.


That’s the gist of a new piece published in Hollywood Reporter which reveals that companies specializing in the construction of underground bunkers are currently overwhelmed with projects from Oscar winning actors, sports stars and tech billionaires like Bill Gates.


From the piece:


Gary Lynch, GM at Rising S Bunkers, a Texas-based company that specializes in underground bunkers and services scores of Los Angeles residences, says that sales at the most upscale end of the market — mainly to actors, pro athletes and politicians (who require signed NDAs) — have increased 700 percent this year compared with 2015, and overall sales have risen 150 percent.


Robert Vicino, founder of a Del Mar, Calif., bunker company called Vivo said of Gates: “Bill Gates has huge shelters under every one of his homes, in Rancho Santa Fe and Washington. His head of security visited with us a couple years ago, and for these multibillionaires, a few million is nothing. It’s really just the newest form of insurance.”


The company’s marketing director told Hollywood Reporter that the current turbulent political environment is a top concern for many of its new clients.


The point is, while the mainstream likes to ridicule average Americans who take disaster prepping seriously as paranoids and extremists, you can bet they’re spending big money making their own arrangements.


While most Americans don’t have the resources to build underground mansions to wait out tough times, there are plenty of budget friendly things everyone should be doing to prepare for the worst. Sign up for The Bob Livingston Letter™ today and we’ll send you a free copy of our complete prepper handbook, How to Survive the Collapse of Civilization.



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One response to Wealthy Americans are buying bunkers like crazy

  1. Tom September 30th, 2016 at 9:11 am

    Confirmation from my Oregon county bordering California: A masonry contractor who has done work for me several times (not bunkers!) confided that a significant percentage of his work has been building bunkers under or near the many mansions which dot this otherwise dirt-poor area where almost half the population lives on Social Security. This area is popular with rich Californians who can fly into the small no-hassles county airport and then drive to their low property tax mansion in minutes. That is probably the explanation for why I see so many expensive private aircraft coming and going from this airport which otherwise has no apparent business reasons for the flights and no commercial airline service.


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