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It may be a good time to buy that gun you’ve been eyeing

Posted 10/18/2016 6:48 am by


Gun and ammo prices have fallen a bit since most of the Obama administration’s anti-firearm agenda fell flat over the past couple of years. But gun sellers say Democrat Hillary Clinton’s promise to do what Obama couldn’t, coupled with increasing poll numbers, mean prices for firearms and ammo are about to skyrocket.


Westside Armory, a gun shop in Las Vegas, recently advertised a “pre-Hillary sale” in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.


“Don’t wait!” the advertisement reads. “Prices will skyrocket after Crooked Hillary gets in.”


Prices for guns and ammo spiked after each Obama election, in some cases leading to ammo shortages as wary 2nd Amendment supporters stocked up.


The average price of an AR-15, for instance,  rose to more than $1200 following Obama’s second election. Westside Armory is currently selling a Smith and Wesson variant for around $700.


At this point, Clinton’s election is certainly not a forgone conclusion—but polling numbers are currently showing the Democrat with a modest lead over Donald Trump.


Aside from her obvious disdain for 2nd Amendment rights, a Clinton victory in November could have a major impact on the availability of firearms and ammunition because of the tenor of the election season. Trump’s repeated warnings that Clinton is going to win because the election is rigged could encourage an increase in gun-buying as some Americans grow more fearful of what they see as a lawless federal government. Worse, widespread controversy surrounding the election could also lead to government crackdowns on firearm availability.



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