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45% Call News Media ‘Primary Threat That Might Try to Change Election Results’

Posted 11/03/2016 12:25 am by


More people see the news media–as opposed to Russian hackers or political bosses–as the “primary threat that might try to change the election result,” according to a recent Suffolk University/USA Today poll.


Pollsters asked 1,000 likely voters: “What do you think is the primary threat that might try to change the election results?”


45.53% said “the news media”–followed by “the national political establishment” (20.79%); “undecided” (13.42%); “foreign interests such as Russian hackers” (10%); and “local political bosses” (8.95%).


When asked whether they thought the news media was “acting completely of its own accord or coordinating stories with individual campaigns,” less than half of respondents (47.8%) said that the media was reporting on the campaigns independently, while about a third (38.8%) said they believed that the media was coordinating with the campaigns it covered.


Another 12.6% of survey respondents were “undecided” whether there was coordination between the news media and individual campaigns.

Slightly more than half (56.5%) said they believe election results will be “fair and accurate,” while 38% say they are “worried that [election] results could be manipulated.”


In addition, all three major news networks failed to get to 10% on the trustworthy scale.


When asked ‘What news or TV commentary do you trust the most?’ less than a third (27%) of survey respondents cited Fox News. But that was almost twice the percentage that cited CNN (15.4%) as their most trustworthy source of news and information.


Other news outlets fared even worse:


  • Undecided (18.6%);
  • CBS (7.7%);
  • ABC (6.9%);
  • MSNBC (6.6%);
  • NBC (6.5%);
  • PBS (6.1%);
  • C-SPAN (2.9%);
  • Comedy Central (2.3%).


Survey participants were also asked: “Who do you think the media, including major newspapers and TV stations, would like to see elected president, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?”


Three-quarters (75.1%) replied “Hillary Clinton”, compared to 7.9% who answered “Donald Trump” and 4.9% who answered “neither”.


The national poll, which was conducted between October 20 and 24,  was based on live telephone interviews – in English and Spanish – of adults 18 years or older in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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One response to 45% Call News Media ‘Primary Threat That Might Try to Change Election Results’

  1. El Jefe November 3rd, 2016 at 5:53 am

    “No experiment can be more interesting than that we are now trying, and which we trust will end in establishing the fact, that man may be governed by reason and truth. Our first object should therefore be, to leave open to him all the avenues to truth. The most effectual hitherto found, is the freedom of the press. It is, therefore, the first shut up by those who fear the investigation of their actions.” –Thomas Jefferson to John Tyler, 1804. ME 11:33

    If you knew the establishment MEDIA COULD LEGALLY LIE and they had a vested interest in doing so, you wouldn’t rely on them for accuracy.

    If all media lies or suffers from a cognitive bias, then how does one tell the difference between truth and propaganda?

    Simple. If you believe it, it’s true. If you don’t, it’s propaganda.

    The Media Can Legally Lie

    “It is so difficult to draw a clear line of separation between the abuse and the wholesome use of the press, that as yet we have found it better to trust the public judgment, rather than the magistrate, with the discrimination between truth and falsehood. And hitherto the public judgment has performed that office with wonderful correctness.” –Thomas Jefferson to M. Pictet, 1803. ME 10:356

    “Lay down true principles and adhere to them inflexibly. Do not be frightened into their surrender by the alarms of the timid, or the croakings of wealth against the ascendency of the people.” –Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Kercheval, 1816. ME 15:35

    “I deplore… the putrid state into which our newspapers have passed and the malignity, the vulgarity, and mendacious spirit of those who write for them… These ordures are rapidly depraving the public taste and lessening its relish for sound food. As vehicles of information and a curb on our funtionaries, they have rendered themselves useless by forfeiting all title to belief… This has, in a great degree, been produced by the violence and malignity of party spirit.” –Thomas Jefferson to Walter Jones, 1814. ME 14:46

    “Crooked schemes will end by overwhelming their authors and coadjutors in disgrace, and… he alone who walks strict and upright, and who, in matters of opinion, will be contented that others should be as free as himself, and acquiesce when his opinion is fairly overruled, will attain his object in the end.” –Thomas Jefferson to Gideon Granger, 1804. ME 11:25


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