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Militia group: Prepare for upheaval no matter how the election goes

Posted 11/03/2016 12:46 am by


A recent news report features members of U.S. militia groups who predict civil unrest and the potential for violence in the streets regardless of who is elected president on Nov. 8.


“Militia girds for trouble as presidential election nears,” declares a Wednesday headline from Reuters.


The story discusses the ways in which Georgia-based members of a group called the Three Percent Security Force are preparing for the worst following the results in what is likely to be one of the most heavily contested elections in modern U.S. history.


The piece, unsurprisingly, portrays militia members as anti-government extremists emboldened by Republican Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric.


From the story:


The Oath Keepers, a prominent anti-government force that sent gun-toting members to the 2014 race riots in Ferguson, Missouri, called on members last week to monitor voting sites on election day for any signs of fraud.


An hour south of Atlanta, the Three Percent Security Force started the day around the campfire, taking turns shooting automatic pistols and rifles at a makeshift target range. They whooped with approval when blasts from one member’s high-powered rifle knocked down a tree.


The group operates independently, but is affiliated with a national armed movement that calls for members to defend individual rights in the face of what they see as an overreaching federal government. The movement draws its name from the notion that no more than 3 percent of the American population fought in the Revolutionary War against Britain.


Amid the war games,[member Chris Hill] weighed plans for a possible armed march on Washington if Clinton wins.


He said he doesn’t want his members leading the way, but they will defend the protesters if need be. His group will not hesitate to act if a President Clinton tries to disarm gun owners, he said.


And, of course, the piece contains mainstream media’s obligatory quote from a representative of the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center.


“Prior to this campaign season, these ideas were relegated to sort of the political fringe of the American political landscape,” SPLC researcher Ryan Lenz told Reuters. “Now these ideas are legitimized.”


The ideas Lenz says are now legitimized, include such things as worries that the federal government would aggressively attack the 2nd Amendment if Clinton is elected or that the U.S. will experience race riots throughout its cities if Trump is the election victor.


Sounds farfetched and paranoid, right? Not exactly…


And as for how certain people might act throughout the nation if Trump wins…

It makes sense that the Clinton-supporting media would wish to make it seem that scary militia groups are going to come out of the woodwork and start a revolution following the election. The Clintons have long used militias and as the boogeymen to further their anti-conservative agenda.


So really, who could blame them for preparing for the worst? In fact, many folks could probably learn a thing or two from them.

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