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A funny thing happened on the way to irrelevance

Posted 11/27/2016 4:03 am by

Last Saturday night, Vice President-elect Mike Pence made the mistake of trying to take in a Broadway show.  I have no idea what Pence thought of Broadway’s latest example of how far downhill musical theater has slid since Andrew Lloyd-Webber stopped winning all the Tony Awards.  However, I expect it will be a minute before he revisits the Great White Way.  In an incident which has now been viewed more than the Zapruder Film, Pence sat through the entire performance of Hamilton, the current darling of the theater crowd, only to endure a carefully planned encore featuring a political haranguing by one of the cast members.


The substance of the actor’s tirade is well known enough that I won’t bore you with it here.  Suffice to say, it was little more than a rehashing of every complaint lodged by every embittered left wing snowflake since Donald Trump welcomed Hillary Clinton to her electoral Weehawken. Besides Trump’s ill-advised, but entirely expected, Twitter retort, the only thing which set the Hamilton tantrum apart from every other tantrum Democrats have thrown for the last two weeks was the setting.  Liberal sees conservative, liberal hates conservative, liberal shrieks at conservative, other liberals cheer liberal for acting like a jackass.


This is what we have to look forward to for at least the next four years. When they’re not hiding in their “safe spaces” because they’ve been “triggered” by some imagined slight, our left wing friends will be yapping at us like angry Chihuahuas.  There will be no “safe space” for conservatives, no matter how “triggered” we might be by the anti-intellectual bloviating the Democrats substitute for meaningful interaction.  They’re going to make a practice of screaming, crying, rioting, looting and assaulting people.  Essentially, between now and 2020, the sorest losers in America since 1865 are going to do everything they can to make America look exactly like it would have had Hillary won.


And I say: “Go get ‘em, snowflakes!”  Do your worst.  Whine, cry, scream, yell, steal, break and assault away, kids!  Granted, a few of you are likely to learn some tough lessons about how people like me respond to threats from people like you.  One or two may even end up on the business end of our 2nd Amendment rights.  But most of you will follow the cast of Hamilton’s lead.  You’ll gin up all the righteous fury you can crib from some George Soros-owned leftist hate blog or fringe liberal wacko on MSNBC, and then vomit it up at the top of your lungs in a completely inappropriate setting.


And then, the 2018 midterm elections will arrive.  While the left will still be wearing their “#NotMyPresident” t-shirts while calling everyone to the right of the average Broadway extra Hitler, looting the Walgreens and/or throwing bricks through storefronts in their own neighborhoods, conservatives will be busy making sure everyone outside the “idiot bubbles” surrounding places like New York and California get an eye- and earful of their histrionics.  Following the drubbing the Democrats will suffer through, they’ll amp up the crazy to the point that vapid rhetoric from forgotten theater trash will seem quaint.  And then, the productive and worthwhile Americans who have continued to function like adults throughout the entire ordeal will go to the polls in 2020 and drop the curtain on the Democrat Party.



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