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George Washington University drops American history requirement from its history program

Posted 12/30/2016 3:30 pm by

If you live in the Virginia/Washington D.C. area and feel a rumbling under your feet, don’t worry. It’s just George Washington spinning in his grave.


Poor George just learned his namesake university – George Washington University – has dropped the American history requirement from its history degree program. So now one can achieve a history degree from that formerly prestigious university without taking a single course in U.S. history.


As Breitbart.com reports:


The change was made to “recruit students” to the major in the increasingly “globalized” world. Denver Brunsman, an associate professor of history at George Washington claimed that the change allows students to study history from an increasingly globalized perspective.


“I think an important change in the history major has been to make our major actually reflect the field of history the way that historians study it now,” Brunsman said. “In the past – and I think our old standards reflected this – it was very common to have students take a class in American history, in European history and maybe, just maybe, something else, another part of the world.”


In other words, for a mere $69,000 – the cost of tuition, room and board and fees for an undergraduate degree from GW – graduates can come out of GW with a history degree and be as ignorant of the last 200-plus years of history as when they went in.


Because the Founding Fathers were “rich, white slave-owners,” their contributions to freedom and liberty are irrelevant. Because they were “rich, white slave-owners,” the document they created to establish a unique government ostensibly ruled by the people rather than royalty or the wealthy are not worth studying. Because America’s 19th and early 20th centuries were influenced by a period of laissez-faire capitalism which led to the greatest industrial and economic advances in all of human history, there is really no need to learn what caused it. Because the U.S. instigated, influenced and/or participated in all of the significant world events over the past 240 years, there is really no benefit from studying it at all. Because – globalism.


As Lifezette reports:


In July, the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) found that more than two-thirds of top U.S. colleges have opted to remove the U.S. history requirement from the history major’s core curriculum.


No wonder millennials are voting for socialism… and appear so ignorant of the world around them. They are, and it’s by design.



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