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Liberals call for division in ‘unjust, racist, sexist’ America

Posted 12/30/2016 2:30 pm by

As president-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration gets nearer, American liberals are becoming increasingly anxious about what his administration will mean for progressive fantasies. They don’t see Trump’s rise as a referendum on 8 years of failed progressive policies, but simply as proof that America is a nasty place.


A headline on an article recently published by the lefty media site Slate declares: “2016 Was the Year White Liberals Realized How Unjust, Racist, and Sexist America Is.”




Well, the author’s argument is that white liberals have lost all faith in institutions like the media and government because Trump was elected president. This, Slate associate editor L.V. Anderson contends, removed the scales from white, liberal eyes to help these guilty white lefties see the world in a way more similar to how minorities in America feel.


From the piece:


To be disillusioned you have to have some faith—in institutions, in progress, in human decency—to begin with. There are plenty of Americans who never had such faith, or who lost it at an early age. Black people who have seen members of their community shot by police and imprisoned under flimsy pretenses, undocumented immigrants who faced more deportations under President Obama than under any prior president, trans people who feared using public restrooms long before North Carolina sought to criminalize them for doing so, Muslims who experienced fingerprinting and surveillance after Sept. 11, 2001—these are among the many groups who largely shrugged their shoulders at all the white liberal weeping and gnashing of teeth after the election and said, “Well, what did you expect?” This attitude doesn’t minimize the very real threats these and other marginalized groups have faced since the election and will face when Trump takes office. But it’s possible to be frightened and angry without being disillusioned. The only people who experienced disillusionment in 2016 were people who had distanced themselves from the ugliness in American society enough that they could convince themselves that we were making meaningful progress.


She continues, suggesting that Trump’s election should serve as a rallying moment for liberals dedicated to changing the “unjust, racist, sexist” nation he’ll lead.


Anderson writes:


After Trump’s election, it is more or less impossible to believe that we are making meaningful progress. White liberals who woke up horrified on Nov. 9 weren’t horrified because the world had suddenly changed—we were horrified because the scales had finally fallen from our eyes, and we could at least see our unjust, racist, sexist country for what it is. The next president will not be a woman, the makeup of the Supreme Court will not shift toward progressivism, and we are not jolly passengers on a cruise ship sailing toward an era of tolerance, justice, and respect for the dignity and rights of all.


You mean to tell me that life isn’t always fair, there are assholes in the world who aren’t nice to everyone and I’m going to be disappointed if my idea of a goal is sitting around waiting to be a jolly passenger on a cruise ship bound for utopia?


The horror.


But if only Clinton had won…


After all, it isn’t like she and Bubba were responsible for those ill-conceived criminal justice policies intended to bring black youth “to heel.”

And we all know that Clinton is a massive fan of her fellow women of the world… That’s why she took all that money from the Saudis. And that’s why she called all those nice ladies that accused Bubba of sexual assault “bimbos.”

If sad liberals want to see “meaningful progress” in America, they aren’t going to have much luck in the perverse spin city of Washington DC.


And if “meaningful progress” is “jolly passengers on a cruise ship” sailing toward utopia, who wants it?


Meaningful progress is an economy so strong that every American has an opportunity to earn a decent living and liberty defended from statists,  When people are free, busy, happy and well-provided for, social justice issues have a way of working themselves out.


And under those circumstances, the only people left complaining will be those who are sitting around waiting for that imaginary cruise ship bound for utopia.



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