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Liberty University just got major credit with 2nd Amendment supporters

Posted 12/30/2016 1:56 pm by


Virginia-based Liberty University will soon begin construction on an on-campus shooting range to promote sport shooting and, more importantly, give students a place to practice shooting skills that could save their lives.


According to university officials, the school’s range will be the first of its kind in the nation. The NRA and NCAA compliant range will allow the school to host Olympic shooting sports in addition to giving students a place to hone their target and safety skills.


The private Liberty University made very clear its position on firearms on campus last year when university president Jerry Falwell Jr. said he would encourage students to obtain a concealed carry permit and bring their self-defense firearms to class.


Falwell was, of course, met with hefty criticism from his liberal peers in academia as well as the leftist anti-firearm media.


Even failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton criticized Falwell, calling his decision to protect students’ rights to defend themselves against extremists “deplorable.”


The university obviously didn’t back down.


Falwell and the school’s administration agree with millions of American 2nd Amendment supporters who would argue that it defies common sense to disarm law abiding Americans.


Clay Turner of the NRA America’s 1st Freedom magazine said he believes the move will attract students as other colleges continue to deny student rights to armed self-defense.


He told IJR: “Making campuses ‘gun-free’ zones is a recent development; when I was in college, we went bird hunting in our free time, so all my friends kept a shotgun in their dorm closets. Firearms were part of our upbringing, and to deny us that right was, frankly, unthinkable. Building a range on campus will attract students for whom firearms are a natural part of their upbringing.”



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