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The cost of Obama

Posted 12/30/2016 1:11 pm by

As we close the door on 2016 we’re also closing the door on eight years of President Barack Obama.


Sorry, Barry — but you’re off the gravy train, buddy. Now, it’s time to pay the proverbial piper. Unfortunately for Obama’s Democrat pals, the eight years of living like Kardashians came at a hell of a price; and the enormous capital they had to spend to protect the Obama regime from its endless parade of crimes and misdemeanors left the accounts a little short when it came to protecting Hillary Clinton from her endless parade of the same.


Even the doubling of the national debt in 232 fewer years than it took the previous 43 presidents to jack it up isn’t enough to pay this piper. In fact, all the multi-million-dollar donors to Nana Hilldawg’s so-called “charity” can’t cover this bill.


But the electorate is collecting on the debt, and they’re charging interest. The thumping President-elect Trump delivered to Madame Clinton’s door is merely a down payment. It’s bad enough that the people’s republics of California and New York are checking under the cushions for spare change; propping up Obama the soon-to-be-irrelevant cost the Democrat Party nine Senate seats, 62 House seats and even two chairpersons. Thanks to the “leadership” by Obama cronies Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, the Dems went from rock-solid majorities in both Houses of Congress to a minority crumbling faster than Pelosi’s face during a Botox shortage.


At the state level, the outlook goes from “bad” to “Hillary’s chances in 2020.” Out of 50 states — or 57, depending on which president is doing the counting — the Democrat Party coughed up over a dozen governor’s mansions; their total falling from 28 to a very anemic 12. Of the 99 state legislative chambers, the GOP holds a majority in 68. All told, they now control both the governor’s mansion and state legislatures in a grand total of five. In sports, 45-5 is the final score of the Patriots against the Browns. In politics, 45-5 is the Patriots against the Browns’ cheerleaders.


Obama isn’t exactly new to spending like a second wife on Rodeo Drive. When he wasn’t taking two planes on five-star family vacations and hoisting Cristal with bubble-dwelling super-celebrities like Mr. and Mrs. Beyonce, he was sending planes on secret missions to hand hundreds of billions of dollars to fun guys like Iran.


Eight years of Obama spent the Democrats into a hole deep enough to hide every “green energy” boondoggle and auto industry bailout. The price of Obama has been too rich for even billionaires like Mike Bloomberg and George Soros. So, the Democrats are paying it now.


Enjoy 2017, lefties! You earned every moment.



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