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Family of 7 Living Completely Off-Grid in Northern Canada!

Posted 01/17/2017 1:15 pm by with 0 comments

Family of 7 Living Completely Off-Grid in Northern Canada!

If you thought it’s impossible to live completely off-grid, take a look at this video. It features a family of 7 that has achieved complete off the grid status in Northern Canada. With less than $25,000, the couple with 5 girls managed to build their own off-grid cedar post house together with all of the amenities a home of this type requires. That includes a couple of solar power systems, one small (for the lights and phones) and a large one (for the fridge and other big appliances). Take into account that the family has a backup generator for use in the snowy periods or at times where there is too cloudy, that’s only 40 hours per year. There is also a firewood and wood stove for cooking and heating. Watch the entire video and discover how fulfilling an off-the-grid life can be.

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