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Town hall tantrums

Posted 02/24/2017 2:51 am by

2016 was a brutal year for the Democrat Party. Forced to drag the bloated carcass of the Hillary Clinton campaign across a field strewn with the landmines planted by the Obama administration’s unprecedented corruption, they ended up on the business end of not only a presidential defeat for the ages, but a top-to-bottom beat down which left them barely clinging to relevancy at any level of government outside lost-cause hellholes like Detroit, Chicago and most of Californistan.


If their “new” strategy of forcibly denying people access to their elected officials is anything to go by, 2017 is gonna make 2016 look like 2008. Case in point: thanks to the presence of a sizeable crowd of shrieking snowflakes, thugs and other left-wing “activists,” Tuesday’s town hall meeting between Georgia Representative Buddy Carter and his constituents quickly devolved into what one veteran journalist described as a “sh*t show.” Repeated questions from genuinely interested voters met a wall of frequently profane sound. Repeated answers from a genuinely interested Congressman met a similar fate. At one point, the organized disrupters braked proceedings with enraged shouts about Carter’s use of the portmanteau “Obamacare.” Eventually, the meeting ended with attendees feeling dissatisfied; with the notable exception of the left-wing blowhards whose obvious goal was to ruin it for everyone else.


The debacle at the Carter town hall has been replayed nationwide. Backed by generous grants from the usual rogue’s gallery of left wing hate groups, hyperactive liberals have brought town halls in places as disparate as Arkansas and California to screeching halts. Representatives of the anti-life group Planned Parenthood haunted the Carter event. A newer team, made up of former Democrat Party operatives, which calls itself “Indivisible Guide” has surfaced at multiple events from Virginia to Florida. One of the more infamous nests, the George Soros-connected Moveon.org, has even published a “manual” on how to disrupt official-electorate interaction.


It’s likely a consequence of the Democrats being essentially rudderless following the falls from grace of both Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Donna Brazile to corruption scandals, but I’m surprised even the caretakers can’t see that these “sh*t shows” make for lousy voter outreach. Shouting down your fellow citizens like an angry 9-year-old is pretty much what got them in this fix. Following it up with more hissy fits isn’t likely to get them out. Our leftist compatriots have fallen into an echo chamber in which they throw ugly tantrums, infuriate the crap out of everyone else and then congratulate themselves for doing so.


Perhaps it makes sense that an organization seemingly bent on self-destruction would follow a year in which they came close to obviating themselves with a year in which they finished the job. All across the nation the same people whose smug fatuousness earned them a runner-up finish last fall have taken to reminding the rest of us why we didn’t like them in the first place.



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