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Another way globalism is destroying America

Posted 03/15/2017 12:44 pm by

The globalist’s plan to destroy America by destroying the family unit is proceeding apace.


A new study shows the decline in American blue-collar jobs is destroying families by contributing to their breakup and pushing men and women into deadly drug addictions.


The study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research found a direct correlation between declining labor-market opportunities for blue collar males and an increase in divorce rates, a rise in the rate of unmarried mothers and an increase in the number of children growing up in households headed by single mothers.


NBER researchers determined that blue-collar men have been hit very hard by what they call “trade shocks,” which are so-called free trade deals like NAFTA and China’s entry into the World Trade Organization. This started in the late 1990s when manufacturing employment began a precipitous decline. As melmagazine.com, which interviewed study co-author David Dorn, professor of Economics at the University of Zurich, writes:


It’s quantifiable, too: For every 1 percent increase in Chinese imports, the share of married women in the U.S. decreases by about 1.3 percent. Similarly, birth rates drop about 4 percent and child poverty rates increase by a whopping 12 percent.


In addition to the rise in the divorce rate among blue collar men and their spouses, the study also found that when women got pregnant they were less likely to marry the blue-collar father of their babies. It also found that between 1980 and 2013 the share of children born to unmarried mothers more than doubled from 18 percent to 41 percent.


Another NBER report found that widespread unemployment pushes American men and women toward deadly drug addictions, with the abuse of pain medications among the unemployed approaching 50 percent.


“Our research suggests that the economic decline of men combines with increasing rates of alcohol and drug abuse, which further reduce the ‘marriageability’ of men,” Dorn adds.


Drug addiction leads to criminal behavior which leads to criminal records which further reduces the likelihood of blue collar workers landing a high-paying job sometime in the future. This locks them into dead-end low-paying jobs and welfare. And children growing up in households with a single mother as head of household face an increased risk of poverty, which is also a ticket straight to the government dole.


Destruction of the American family, along with the destruction of the American middle class, is necessary for the globalists to fulfill their hundreds years quest to enslave America. The dismantling of the middle class has become the appointed, full-time task of the largest government alphabet soup agencies. Wall Street has been enrolled in the effort as well, to assure the success of globalism. Their logic is that if those big middle-class producers and consumers can be decimated once and for all, then they can join the ranks of low-wage workers, as in Asia and Central America.


It’s working by undermining self-sufficiency, reducing the work ethic and encouraging out-of-wedlock births while creating an ongoing cycle of dependency.


Globalism is the ultimate form of collectivism. Globalists know that the more dependent we are, the easier we are controlled.


An independent, self-reliant middle class that demands an equitable reward for their labor and product puts them into competition for goods and resources with the global elite and puts a roadblock on the globalist-collectivist-cultural Marxist’s drive toward One World Governance.

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