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Ultra-wealthy stocking up on survival supplies

Posted 03/22/2017 1:36 pm by


Political unrest and unrelenting elitists efforts to aggravate tensions between nuclear superpowers is creating a feeling of global anxiety not felt since the height of the Cold War. And as apprehension grows, some of the world’s wealthiest inhabitants are preparing for the worst in major ways.


Sellers of high-end security shelters are reporting massive increases in global sales over the past year as international business tycoons, the executives of major technology companies, sports billionaires, hedge fund managers and other members of the so-called 1 percent.


A report recently published by CNN relayed that bunker construction outfits are reporting an uptick in demand for both units designed to protect single families and community-style properties designed to house multiple family units.


From the organization: “Gary Lynch, general manager of Texas-based Rising S Company, says 2016 sales for their custom high-end underground bunkers grew 700% compared to 2015, while overall sales have grown 300% since the November US presidential election alone.


“The company’s plate steel bunkers, which are designed to last for generations, can hold a minimum of one year’s worth of food per resident and withstand earthquakes.”


Another increasingly popular factor in bunker demand for the world’s wealthy is reportedly fortification against nuclear attacks, signaling very real anxiety about the possibility of a nuclear mishap among the world’s wealthy.


Not surprisingly, the uptick in the interest for luxury bunkers comes at a time when many of the wealthiest people in the world are quietly pushing their fortunes around in ways that make clear their betting against the U.S.  economy.


As I noted earlier this month: Right now, Soros has money in a blind trust that’s betting heavily against the U.S. economy. Gates has taken on similar investment vehicles over the past several years. That’s because when the global debt bubble we’ve been talking about bursts, the U.S. dollar is going to be faced with the highest level of devastation compared to other international currencies.”


More on that, and why you too should consider those investment strategies here: Your money is on fire


While a luxury super-bunker is out of reach for most of us, it’s also pretty unnecessary if you’ve worked over the years to prep practically for potential disruptions in civil order or natural disaster. If you’re looking for practical prepping advice, Personal Liberty’s vast Survival and Self-Sufficiency library is an excellent place to start.



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