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Your week in review!

Posted 04/28/2017 1:32 pm by

From the president’s future to Pelosi’s past — and most points in between — it’s time for a look back at the week that was. Personal Liberty Digest® presents: The WIRE!

Plenty of reflections from all corners this week as President Donald Trump finished his first 100 days in office. Of course, there was little debate about the best part of Trump’s first 100 days:

They weren’t Hillary’s first 100 days.

Senate Democrats are reportedly exploring a lawsuit against President Trump. Their post-defeat strategy is to hire high-priced lawyers and try to sidestep reality in court?

Should we just go ahead and pencil him in for a second term?

After repeated violent assaults by Democrats trying to silence women and LGBT activists, Berkeley, California, police began enforcing the law requiring “antifa” thugs uncover their faces. Nifty how they found their manners when the masks came off. Almost like potential consequences deter ignorant fascism.

“If my mom sees this, I’ll get grounded! I won’t get to go to junior prom!”

Also acting as a deterrent, the presence of groups like Bikers for Trump, who arrived to protect the First Amendment from the left’s stormtroopers.

Being a fascist isn’t as much fun when there’s an odds-on chance you’ll get your ass kicked.”

Former Obama spokeshole Josh Earnest issued a threat this week, saying the former president would loudly criticize the current administration if he felt it crossed “clear red lines.”

Given Obama’s previous responses to the crossing of “red lines,” that leaves a lot of wiggle room.

Obama met with “at risk” young men in the same Chicago neighborhood where he was community organizer. Evidently, his presidency didn’t reduce the number of “at risk” young men in the ‘hood.

“What? It’s not like they’re Cantor Fitzgerald or anything.”

During the speech, Obama bemoaned how “special interests dominate the debates in Washington.”

“Some of these guys will pay up to $400,000 for a single speech! At least, I heard that.”

After a U.S. Navy frigate fired a warning flare at an Iranian boat, the Islamofascist country’s foreign minister whined about the U.S. Navy’s presence in the Persian Gulf. Hey, the Iranian Navy is welcome to cruise the Gulf of Mexico.

“And by Allah, we will! Just as soon as the Skipper and Gilligan get back from the island!”

A bloodbath in Bristol, as ESPN gave dozens of well-known on air staffers the axe this week in an attempt to staunch the ailing network’s financial hemorrhaging. Whatever happened to the unparalleled success of the “worldwide leader in sports?”

It’s a real mystery.

President Trump’s new tax reform sent the Democrats into another hissy-fit this week. Dems fretted the proposed elimination of federal deductions for state and local taxes would leave their high-tax states and cities facing a greater burden.

Funny how Democrats just love higher taxes, until they have to pay them.

You got a tattoo of Chelsea Clinton? Wow, even the Scientologists don’t brand their minions.

What’s worse: in 50 years, it’ll look like Hillary.

Men’s style glossy Esquire reminded people why they’re not known for their news chops when they “reported” this week that President Trump can press a button and get a Coke delivered instantly. Apparently, Esquire’s crack reporters missed that that button isn’t new.

Obama used the same button to get cigarettes. Clinton used it to get — um — “cigars.”

TV actor Bill Nye’s new Netflix show is, like its host, as appropriate for children as Harry Reid in a windowless van. So far, it has already featured a rap song about “pansexual wood sprites” and a cartoon about scoops of ice cream having an orgy.

The science is fake. The emotional scarring is all too real.

The pseudo-scientist wasn’t done. Nye also said he thinks population control should be enacted, including “policies that penalize people for having extra kids in the developed world…”

Bill Nye, the Eugenics Guy.

Fresh off his profane, hate-filled rant against Republicans, Tom Perez this week became the first DNC Chairfungus to command all Democrats must be pro-abortion.

Convert or die. How very “democratic” of him.

And, according to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Trump reminds her of a “vampire.” “He reminds me of a boyfriend from high school in Transylvania. Vlad something-or-other.”

To be fair, the whole 15th Century was kind of a blur for Nancy.

And that’s your week in review! For the Personal Liberty Digest®, I’m Ben Crystal saying “See you next week on the WIRE!”



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