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The only definition of ‘covfefe’ you need to know

Posted 05/31/2017 4:20 pm by

Mainstream media outlets spent most of Wednesday morning trying to define “covfefe,” a nonsense word people noticed in an incomplete predawn tweet dispatched by the president.


“Despite the constant negative press covfefe,” said Trump’s tweet.


Enter mainstream media…


The Washington Post exclaimed: “Trump targets ‘negative press covfefe’ in garbled midnight tweet that becomes worldwide joke”


Time declared: “Merriam-Webster Couldn’t Even Deal With President Trump’s ‘Covfefe’ Tweet”


The Nation weighed in: “The Covfefe Is Often Worse Than The Crime”


NPR noted: “‘Covfefe’ Kerfuffle: Trump’s Typo Sparks A Search For Meaning, And Humor”


CNN took the cake, though, using the tweet to portray Trump as a sort of child dictator:


What we have today — and, really, what we have had since the day Trump came into the White House — is a deeply isolated President who spends lots of time, particularly at night and in the early morning, watching TV and tweeting.


That lack of discipline reveals that there is simply no one who can tell Trump “no.” Or at least no one whom he will listen to.


There were too many more to list. But they all shared one underlying theme: A desire to say to readers, “Look! Over here! The president is a moron! See! He can’t make a sentence! Covfefe, HA!”


If you don’t believe me, read a few of them. 


Or don’t… it certainly isn’t going to make you any smarter.


Trump did the smart thing and played along with the Twitter/MSM explosion.


After all, the reports on “covfefe” were a welcome respite from constant screeching about “collusion” with Russia. And, hey, the mainstream press at least has evidence of the Trump tweet.


But in their haste to make the president look like an idiot, the MSM failed to provide any meaningful commentary about the circumstances that may have surrounded Trump’s tweet.


I know, I know… asking the press to provide “commentary” seems a lot like begging for media bias.


But think about how the headlines on an unfinished tweet sent out in the wee hours may have read under the Obama administration… I’m thinking there’d have been a whole bunch of: “Obama’s early morning Twitter typo illustrates toll of presidential pressure.” Of course, Obama enjoyed a different MSM reception than both his predecessor and his successor. He was the media’s cool kid, now sandwiched between two clowns.


Upon seeing an unfinished tweet from a guy who obviously enjoys using Twitter, a good reporter looking for news may have justifiably asked a White House representative if anything happened that demanded the president’s immediate attention.


The president, we hope, is a busy guy… far too busy to spend more than a minute or so updating his social media feed. So, if even that short moment of tweet time was interrupted, the why could be worth knowing.


But I digress… I promised a definition for “covfefe.”


Without further ado… 


COVFEFE-  a condition which arises when members of the mainstream press have their heads so far up their own asses, they can’t differentiate between an actual controversy and a manufactured political scandal. Journalists suffering the condition may exhibit symptoms, such as: publishing stories based entirely on unverifiable sources, expressing shock over the results of elections they called prior to poll closure, increasingly rapid oscillation between screams of “racism” and “sexism” in reports that are often about nothing at all, and calling any information with which they disagree “fake.” Resulting complications include total loss of press credibility and the erosion of the 1st Amendment.



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