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There really was obstruction of justice and 10 other things we learned from Comey testimony

Posted 06/10/2017 4:31 pm by

Viewers riveted to televisions Thursday watching the James Comey hearings hoping to hear bombshells that would blow the Donald Trump regime out of the sewer along the Potomac and into a cell in Leavenworth – or at least back to Trump Tower in New York — were bitterly disappointed.


None came. In fact, Comey salvos – if you can call his dandyish pronouncements that – simply served to sink the entire Democrat/#NeverTrump narrative of Russia collusion, impeachable offenses and obstruction.


Oh, there was obstruction alright. Comey told us in no uncertain terms that Loretta Lynch tried to or did obstruct or interfere with the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s unsecured, bathroom-installed email server and her mishandling of classified documents. She instructed him to follow the Clinton campaign narrative that the FBI was not conducting an investigation but merely dealing with a matter. And Comey capitulated.


I guess it depends on what the definition of “matter” is. Clearly Comey later turned it into merely a “matter,” when he gave Hillary a pass, dropped the charges and ended the investigation. It was just the latest in a long line of instances in which Comey cleaned the toilets for the Clintons after they made their “deposits.”


But here are some of the main takeaways from the Comey testimony:


  • Comey doesn’t have a lot of confidence in his memory. That may be why he “suddenly” began writing memos to himself after speaking with Trump, which he claims to have never done before. In his testimony, Comey repeated the phrase, “I could be wrong,” or its derivative, no fewer than nine times. Which begs the question, “What else could he be wrong about?”
  • There was no collusion between Trump, his team and Russia.
  • Trump was never a target of the Russia-gate investigation.
  • Trump didn’t instruct, coerce or order Comey to end any investigation.
  • Trump is not versed in the weasel words used by the political class when communicating officially. (Which is why most of the 62.98 million people who voted for him did so.) And when communicating officially, the political class is unable to understand plain English.
  • Comey, who stands 6’8”, apparently let someone put his cajones in a lock box. He was intimidated by both a short black woman (Lynch) and a man with small hands (Trump).
  • Trump wants his employees to be loyal to him, not to past presidents, almost presidents or to ideology.
  • Comey is a perjurer (which may explain his repeated use of “I could be wrong.”) At different times in testimony to Congress, Comey has said he felt pressured to stop investigating the Michael Flynn/Russia connection and never felt pressure to stop the investigation.
  • Comey is the source of at least one anonymous source leak to the mainstream media, and possibly as many nine or more.
  • Senator John McCain has lost his mind.


What it all boils down to is the fact that the propaganda media, the Democrats and the #NeverTrumpers way overplayed their hand. In claiming collusion with Russia, impeachable offenses and obstruction of justice, they set a high bar.


It was not met; not even close. So Trump once again comes out a winner and his opponents look like losers.



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