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Guns Saving Lives : Off-Duty Officer Shoots And Kills Man Who Was Stabbing Woman

Posted 07/18/2017 5:02 pm by

An alert off-duty police officer stopped a stabbing a few weeks ago after being alerted of a domestic dispute nearby.


Local news reports;


Authorities tell news outlets that Brunswick Officer Aldrid Spaulding III was in the area Monday evening, and someone alerted him to a domestic dispute outside an apartment.


The bureau says David Leon Bell was stabbing the woman when Spaulding arrived and the officer shot him.


Brunswick police said Tuesday that Bell had died at a hospital. The woman was reported in stable condition.


It’s a sad day when anyone turns violent like this man did, but it’s a good day when a good guy with a gun is close by to stop such a brutal and potentially deadly attack.


It’s stories like these that make people think about carrying a firearm themselves, because reality sets in when we hear about these types of crimes being committed on a daily basis. It’s too bad that a violent event is what gets people talking, but it’s important to strike up the conversation when grim reality is right in front of someone’s face.


With that said, do you talk to your family and friends –who don’t carry a firearm– about carrying a firearm?



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