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Democrat ‘tolerance’: Lawmaker hopes for Trump assassination

Posted 08/20/2017 10:37 am by

A Democrat Missouri state lawmaker said in a social media post that she hopes “Trump is assassinated” because she believes he’s “causing damage” and “hate” in the United States. Many sides, many sides.


In a now deleted social media post, lawmaker Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D) responded to a comment by saying “I hope Trump is assassinated!”


The exchange was noticed by St. Louis conservative radio host Mark Reardon.


The black lawmaker later told The Kansas City Star that she shouldn’t have posted the comment– but made clear that she believes the country would be better off if Trump’s presidency came to an abrupt end.


A Missouri State Senator from St. Louis has now called for the assassination of @realDonaldTrump. Keep it classy @MariaChappelleN.


Chappelle-Nadal told The Star that she posted the comment out of frustration with the “trauma and despair” the president is causing with his statements about the events in Charlottesville, Va.


“The way I responded this morning was wrong,” she told The Star. “I’m frustrated. Did I mean the statement? No. Am I frustrated? Absolutely. The president is causing damage. He’s causing hate.”


Chappelle-Nadal posted the comment on her personal Facebook page, which is not open to the public.


“On my personal Facebook, I put up a statement saying that I really hate Trump. He’s causing trauma and nightmares. That was my original post,” she said. “A whole bunch of people responded to that.”


As the left continues to accuse Trump of supporting violence, this is just the latest in a series of incidents involving leftists openly wishing for the president’s murder.


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