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I am not a number! I am a man!

Posted 08/21/2017 11:09 am by

The United States of America is the world leader for invading your privacy. No other country past or present even comes close, and this absolutely includes Nazi Germany. Not many Americans really know this.


The reason is that the government itself keeps a low profile on its invasion of your privacy. This is a modern phase of psychological warfare developed since World War II. For example, when new laws are enacted that further invade your privacy and restrict your liberty, they always without exception give titles to these laws that deceive you into thinking that the new law is for your benefit. People never read the new law, only the misleading title.


Privacy is directly linked to personal survival. You can’t survive, and you can’t be private while being totally dependent on the system. A dependent people are a compliant people.


Governments must destroy the identity of the individual and subvert him to the mass conscience and control by the state. But this must be done gradually. Gradualism is the key.


New privacy-stealing technologies become ubiquitous in much the same way. They are promoted and promised to us as a means of simplifying our lives. But when we look behind the curtain we see that not only do they fail to do so, but they work in concert with the government’s efforts to steal more of our privacy.


Consider new technology being used by a Wisconsin company. The company is implanting a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) microchip into the hands of its employees that will allow them to open doors, purchase food and operate company computers, copy machines and telephones.


“We foresee the use of RFID technology to drive everything from making purchases in our office break room market, opening doors, use of copy machines, logging into our office computers, unlocking phones, sharing business cards, storing medical/health information, and used as payment at other RFID terminals,” CEO Todd Westby said in a company statement. “Eventually, this technology will become standardized allowing you to use this as your passport, public transit, all purchasing opportunities, etc.”


Westby says employees are not required to get the microchips and there is no GPS tracking. I would add the word, “yet.” This is just a trial run for something the government will embrace.


This reminded me of something I wrote for The Bob Livingston Letter™ in August, 1999:


 “I am not a number! I am a man!” So spoke “The Prisoner,” played by Patrick McGoohan in the popular series first aired on public television in the late ‘60s. McGoohan played a British secret agent who quit and who was immediately kidnapped and removed to what appeared to be an island. He was given a number, “No. 7,” which he abhorred, as any free man would. A number identification is much more than a stigma. It’s a practical tracking and control machine.


In 1935 the U.S. Government assigned nine digit Social Security numbers to each participant. It promised restricted, limited and classified use of the numbers for Social Security purposes only. Since then, it has become  virtually impossible to get a job, driver’s license, private health insurance, school enrollment, credit, communications with government agencies, etc., without such a number and/or without sharing that number with any number of government agencies and corporations. The IRS has even demanded Social Security numbers for each child claimed as an exemption in tax returns.


The Social Security number has become a national and State identification number. Security experts call this hijacking of the Social Security number “function creep.” Instead of using it for the original purpose, the government has expanded it for all sorts of things. Since information is confidential only until the government decides it’s not, the government can never be trusted with information.


The government is expanding its use of information collection in nefarious ways. Consider automated toll collection. The temptation of convenience has caused many drivers to accept markers and numbers placed on their windshields or license plates. A sensor at the toll booth scans the marker as the driver hurries by, with the date, time, car owner and toll price recorded in a data base for later billing. In New Jersey, videotape records and stores the license plate of each vehicle.


Police and prosecutors are now using this data to track the movement of citizens. The precedent was set in New York City, where a judge permitted the police to have access to the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority database in their quest to locate a murderer. Security experts now say that it is only a matter of time before civil suit litigants (suspicious spouses in divorces, stalkers acting under color of law, etc.) likewise gain access.


Fundamentalists and “end times” fear mongers have long posed the existence of body implanted numbers on computer chips, as a sort of latter day “666” beast of Revelation. The technocrats of the New World Order have gone them one better. They use computer scanners to identify people according to their own fingerprints, thumbprints, hand shapes, iris patterns, retinas, faces, signatures, voices, arm veins and even body odors. It is a new science called biometrics. Biometrics are used to identify users of airports, cruise ships, customs, day care centers, casinos, banks and credit agencies, sperm banks and even Disney World. Body parts will be eventually scanned and the bioscanned images traded and sold among government agencies and corporations as a preferred identifying marker to street addresses.


The National Security Agency, responsible under National Security Director Samuel Berger for the transfer of weapons secrets to communist Red China in exchange for Clinton-Gore-Democratic Party campaign cash, is now working to expand the biometrics market. State agencies hope to use the program for welfare identification. The apparent precedent for expanded use of biometrics by government is the Welfare Reform Act of 1996, which created a database for tracking deadbeat parents who fail to pay child support. Employers are notified of the deadbeats who then automatically withhold support payments.


The new law requires all employers to provide quarterly wage and unemployment amounts for every worker, whether they are deadbeat parents or even parents at all. The IRS is now demanding access to this database to help it collect alleged taxes. Since government and police employees have illegally provided database information to anyone for a price, it is only a matter of time before they use this new database the same way.


Steve Dasbach, National Director of the Libertarian Party, says, “The government has become so large and intrusive that soon our only protection may be the information that it doesn’t have. … If politicians cared at all about privacy, they would abolish databases rather than create new ones.” Fat chance! The best alternative is to keep as much information as you can private and try not to give the government and corporations new information. A fundamental rule of freedom is the less that government knows about you, the better. Never think otherwise, not even for the few seconds it takes you to relinquish that freedom by becoming a number.


We already microchip our pets. Some people with dementia and mental handicaps are being microchipped in America in order to keep track of them. Locator chips are being sold that can attach to children’s clothing.


The idea of microchipping infants at birth can’t be far behind. Of course, it’ll be couched as are all liberty-stealing laws: For the safety of the child in case he’s abducted.


The move to convert everything into a digital fingerprint has been public policy for some time. It includes the move to a cashless society is part of it, and even includes such things as electronic books and your medical records.


The technology is ready. Once installed government will know everywhere you’ve been, everything you’ve done, everyone you’ve spoken to, everything you’ve purchased and everything you searched for on your computer.


You will no longer even be a number or a man; just a digital fingerprint.



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