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Conflicted: Survive the Apocalypse

Posted 09/18/2017 6:11 pm by

Authors Note : I don’t normally ‘bump’ on any product for this site, I’m sure you’re aware. However, I played this game when it first came out as a CARD game, and it was a blast. I didn’t build a custom gaming computer to play card games, but I left it aside and did so anyways. Please, get them all the funding required to complete this project.




If you contribute to the kickstarter, please e-mail me as well. I will grant access to the 3000 preparedness and survival .PDF files back to ya 😉


About this project

 See our board game come to life! How would you survive the apocalypse? Which leader do you want to be?











Risks and challenges


Conflicted: Survive the Apocalypse has taken us 3 years to build. After all the play testing, we wanted to do something to set us apart from other games. We wanted our game to have a more realistic feel and wanted to use real pictures of people and things.


Almost all of our pictures come from people on Instagram. We have spent years reaching out and asking people for the use of their pictures for our game. We have pictures from professional photographers as well as people who just had some awesome pictures.


We are still trying to find some pictures that fit with the cards in our game, so that we don’t have to use stock photos. We have some stock photos, but we would like to see if we can get most of our pictures from real people. Do you have a picture we can use? We would love to see if your photo could be in the game. If you are interested in having your photo in Conflicted: Survive the Apocalypse email us at photos@conflictedgames.com. Not all will make it in but we would love to see if it fits the game. Take a look at the cards above and see if you have a picture that could fit in one of our nine decks.


We’ve priced out every element of the game. We’ve carefully screened our suppliers and have used some for other products we currently sale.


We would love to add more to this game. How fun would it be to have real dog tags of those you take out in the game, or miniatures of your favorite Instagram celebrities as your pieces to move around the board? We have never done miniatures but we have done molds for other products so we are familiar with the process. We have already bid out some of these costs to make these molds a reality. We just need the funds and pledging to make this happen.


We want to add more upgraded and exciting features to our game and need your help to do it. More info will be coming as we meet our goals. We look forward to seeing, with your help and pledges, if we can meet all our stretch goals.


This is our 3rd Kickstarter project (the other two were successfully funded and delivered) and we will use our expertise to ensure you have quality product on time. If any unexpected delays take place, you can expect prompt communication from us.


We’ve been in business since 2013, you can find out more about us at ConflictedTheGame.com.



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