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Reasons Why An RV Is The Best Survivalist Home For A Bachelor

Posted 09/22/2017 12:39 am by

If you’re Mr. Single, recreational vehicles are by far the coolest crib for you to survive through the anarchy after a couple of natural disasters that collapse most if not all of our infrastructure, or a zombie apocalypse post a full-fledged chemical war of global proportions. And here’s exactly why so.

When the roof falls down

So according to conservatives, we do ‘bad’ things and that’s why god decides to punish us by striking our homes with a bolt of lightning or making them come crashing down with an earthquake. While their views are still open to debate, the important thing is that if you’re living in an RV, you wouldn’t have to worry about the roof collapsing on your head and burying you alive under the rubble. In fact, you wouldn’t even have to worry about picking up important things before jumping out of the window because all of your belongings would be inside your home-on-wheels. You’ll be lying naked safe and sound in your RV while all hell breaks loose outside. Sweet dreams!

It’s affordable – in the long run

Leases can be a tad bit overwhelming if you’re living on a monthly budget, and house mortgage payments might drive you to selling your soul to the devil if you can’t pay up on time. On the other hand, buying an RV might burn a big fat hole through your pocket, but in the long run, it’s an investment that’ll pay off. Not only will you not have to pay monthly rent or mortgage payments to an ugly capitalist pig, but you wouldn’t even have to pay utility bills. So even if there was an electricity crisis, you’d still have your lights and AC running in your RV cum home.

Adventure in disaster

Life can be almost like an endless road trip in an RV; you can live where ever you want. And there’s nothing better than that if you’re one of the adventurous kind. And when shit gets real and you’re trying to survive an army of zombies or alien beings from another planet running after your ass, you’ll be able to drive away to safety in no time. No tents, no campfire, no inflatable sleeping bags, just you and your comfy RV. Not to mention, no need for a motel either for a quickie, just park in a safe spot and jump into the back seat for a steamy sweaty escapade. Omg, ever imagined doing it with an undead?

Learning minimalism

Another great thing that RVs have to offer in contrast to regular accommodation is that there’s not a lot of space for you to hoard stuff. Yep, living in an RV can also teach you a great deal about living the frugal way and keeping your space clean. This is also a great way to begin learning how to survive when resources are a bit scarce. Since you can’t hoard too much, you’ll only want to keep the essentials while prepping for disaster.

There’s just one thing that you will need to make the most of it though; fuel!



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