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Support the Re-launch of Armageddon Online!

Posted 09/26/2017 9:04 pm by

Before I started Patriot Rising, I had one of the best “end of world” and “natural disaster” sites on the web. It was basically an online magazine for every natural disaster, theoretical disaster, man-made disaster — and all the nice ‘kooky’ stuff in-between. The site went down in early 2017, and much was lost. You can view bits and pieces here with the wayback machine.


If you like the survival and preparedness section of this site, trust me, this is what launched this very site.


Well, I want to bring it back. If you can help, do so. If you know wordpress, want to post articles, re-paste articles from the way back machine… I will need all I can get. The amount of content was MASSIVE. There is also a GO FUND ME via this link or the banner above.


Let’s give it a go!


Thanks in advance to all who can help!

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