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Survival Fishing: Top Tips for Finding Fish during a Long-term Survival Situation

Posted 09/26/2017 2:50 pm by

When it comes to surviving a long-term disaster situation, one of your top survival priorities is going to be food. While having a stockpile of long-term food and water is definitely a good start, no preparedness plan is complete without having a way to restock your goods during a long-term emergency. That means you need to start thinking about food procurement skills like survival gardening, hunting and fishing.


As many of you who follow me probably know, I’m an avid fisherman. In fact, I have another site that is dedicated to all things hunting and fishing related: CountryHookers.com.


Robert Richardson gfrom Offgrid Survival Fishing

During a long-term survival situation, one where infrastructure shutdowns threaten your food supply, you need to be able to feed your family when things start getting tough. Fishing can be a great way to supplement your food supply, even if you live in an urban environment.


Top Tips for Survival Fishing when the SHTF


Fishing Tips from the Pros


On my site Monster Fish & Game, I have written a number of articles that featured tips from some of the top anglers in the country. While these fishermen often use their skills to win competitions, studying their techniques can help become a better fisherman and give you a good idea where to look during a survival situation.


Look for Cover & Look for Changes

Pro Angler Mike Iaconelli holding a Fish he just Caught

Team Toyota Angler, Mike Iaconelli says that no matter what type of fish you are targeting, you need to look for two things: Cover and Change.


“The biggest tip I can give is that bass and almost all other spices of fish love to relate to cover and change. On every cast, I try to put my lure next to some piece of cover or change. Cover can be anything like trees, bushes, docks, rocks, logs and even trash in the water (shopping carts). Change is anything that is different like a drop off in depth, a rise of the bottom, or even watercolor change.”


When fishing urban ponds or other high pressure waterways Mike says the same rules about cover and change apply, but the cover and changes will likely be a bit different.


“I attack heavily pressured urban ponds and lakes the same way I do unpressured rural fisheries. I’m always looking for cover and change and trying to present a lure that looks natural and will make the bass react. In urban fisheries cover and change are often different. Things like seawalls, drain pipes, bridge pilings and trash in the water create the perfect man made forms of cover! And always try and put your lure in a place the other anglers don’t!”



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