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Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby Met in Weeks Before JFK Assassination

Posted 10/31/2017 1:11 am by

EXPLOSIVE JFK files have revealed that Lee Harvey Oswald and his killer Jack Ruby met in the weeks before Kennedy was assassinated.
The pair were seen together at Florida’s Key West airport in 1963 and were overheard speaking in code about “Big Bird”, according to the documents.


They were part of a group of 30 or 40 “hippie looking” people who were on their way to Cuba to cut sugar cane, airport manager George Faraldo told investigators.


This bombshell will shed new light on the truth behind JFK’s assassination and whether Oswald was to blame for the former president’s murder.


Ruby, whose real name is Jacob Rubenstein, shot dead Oswald, 24, two days after the presidential assassination in November 1963.


But just weeks before, Oswald and nightclub owner Ruby were apparently both part of a large group of “mostly young” people heading to Cuba.


Mr Faraldo told the FBI that Ruby and Oswald were dressed casually in a sport shirts and trousers.


The airport manager added that Ruby “spent most of the time not mingling with the group but standing against the doorway that led from the waiting area to the rear plane boarding area.”


At one point he saw Oswald approach Ruby and ask: “Have you heard anything from the Big Bird yet?”


Mr Faraldo said he was not sure what this code-word meant.


The group’s plane arrived later that evening and Mr Faraldo saw Oswald board, but he was not sure whether Ruby got on the plane.


Ruby shot dead suspected JFK killer Oswald in the abdomen at point blank range two days after the presidential assassination in Dallas, Texas, in November 1963.


Oswald was being transferred from Dallas Police Headquarters to county prison when Ruby stepped out from a crowd and shot him at close range, as millions of people watched on live TV.


Ruby, a shadowy underworld figure from Chicago, was convicted of murder in 1964.


 JFK was shot as he was driven through the streets of Dallas, Texas

AP:Associated Press
JFK was shot as he was driven through the streets of Dallas, Texas

 Ruby “spent most of the time not mingling with the group" at the airport

Getty – Contributor
Ruby “spent most of the time not mingling with the group” at the airport

He claimed he had simply acted out of grief and denied any involvement in a conspiracy.


The strip club owner was later found guilty of murder and sentenced to death.


He appealed but died of an illness in jail before his new trial could take place.


More sensational details around the assassination of JFK have started to emerge after a tranche of documents were released last night.


The FBI was passed information suggesting a US cop was JFK’s real assassin, according to the recently released files.


The internal document dated five months after the US president’s death details intelligence received from an informant.

Video examines theory that Russia’s KGB had a role in assassination of JFK

It claims officer JD Tippit – who was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald around 45 minutes after Kennedy’s assassination – was the real trigger man, not Oswald.


Oswald was fingered for the killing but was himself shot dead by mafia-linked nightclub owner Jack Ruby while in police custody.


But the tip-off in the document suggests Tippit and Oswald were seen together in one of Ruby’s bars just one week before the assassination, linking all three men.


And another file claims sources close to the Soviet KGB told US spies the Russians believed Oswald was not a lone gunman.


 Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the US president's killing

Getty – Contributor
Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the US president’s killing

 This document reveals an informant's claim that Officer Tippit was the killer

This document reveals an informant’s claim that Officer Tippit was the killer

Archive video from buildup to and assassination of US President John F. Kennedy – more commonly known as JFK

Instead, the documents suggest the Kremlin thought the assassination was the work of “an organised group” on the American “ultra-right”.


The aim, they believed, was to stage a “coup” against Kennedy, by elements who thought he was too soft on the Communists, the document claims.


The files could be enough to trigger yet another conspiracy theory surrounding the infamous assassination.


Some 2,800 records relating to the killing of President John F. Kennedy were released today.


Another file claims a British newspaper received a mysterious phone call warning them something “big” was going to happen to the US – 25 minute before JFK was shot.


And according to another, Oswald met with a KGB agent responsible for assassinations around two months before the killing.

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